Ben Watson on returning to New England: “It’s good to see everybody’s face again” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jonathan Cookson Reply

I am so glad to see Watson’s faces again in New England. LETS GO PATRIOTS!

    BB curry123 Reply

    Ssy it again

Timoteo Schuster Reply

Belichick and the management bringing all the OGs back 🙌✊

Evens Seraphin Reply

Welcome back home
I’m glad to see your face once again!

P Pumpkin Reply

7 kids? Needs to work until 50.

    tinhinnh Reply

    P Pumpkin Brady wants 7 too, rings that is

    Jake Shattuck Reply

    Get real, you two.
    1) Ben is wealthy
    2) Brady wants 19 rings

Thor Valhalla Reply

Ben looks great. Can’t wait to see him on the field.

john boutwell Reply

I’m so pumped that we got Watson back this season.. Going to be a great year this season. Lol. I can’t wait to see if he still has his steps. He was a great t.e. no gronk but he is my second fave

My first fave was Ben Coates. The original number 87

    Ricky !!!!! Reply

    Hell Yea Ben Coats was awesome that was years ago wow been a Patriots fan for a very very long time

    john boutwell Reply

    @Ricky !!!!! Yeah my dad raised me a pats fan. Sadly he died in Jan of 2000 but I know he is proud of how great they have become. He used to tell me stories of Steve grogan
    I remember Andre tippett and Bruce Armstrong. Irvin fryar

    Jason Greaves Reply

    Agree the 3 greatest tight ends in Patriots history are gronk coates and Watson let’s go seventh heaven baby!

    Ricky !!!!! Reply

    @john boutwell sorry to hear that, my dad as well I’m born an raised in new England I been a Pat’s fan since birth thanks to my dad also

Sean Sartor Reply

Although, we loss that game against Denver (Champ Bailey’s interception) Ben Watson’s tackle at the 1 yard line was The Greatest HUSTLE play of all time !

    Jitesh Ramakrishnan Reply


    Mike Whalen Reply

    Hustle personified.

    JamesJamersonIsAGod Reply

    This is my favorite play of that era, and it was in a loosing effort; It was just mind-boggling how he cut across the field diagonally to chase down an incredibly fast player

    Eric Lin Reply

    I was just going to call out this play!!! Lol. What heart, no quit.

    margaret walsh Reply

    Ben ran that guy down like an F15! One of the greatest hustle plays ever!

EaST CoAsT MaCHete Reply

I will never forget Ben Watson in the AFC championship chasing the pick 6!!!



    Daquan Thompson Reply

    Divisional round *

    Jitesh Ramakrishnan Reply

    that was divisional round bud

BlueHen123 Reply

He’s so intelligent and well spoken, I can see why she wanted to give him so many kids! 😛

    My Name Doesnt Matter Reply


401 L1v1ng Reply

Got his rookie card still autograph from training camp. Gonna try getting a updated 1 haha

    BosoxnationI972 Reply

    What kind of grown man asks another grown man for an autograph? Seriously, I look down on everyone over the age of 18 that gets someone’s autograph. I used to collect them until I was about 14, and then it started to feel awkward, so I stopped. It’s cool if you meet an athlete to shake their hand and congratulate them on their success, but asking for them to sign a piece of paper? that’s kind of lame.

Aaron Negron Reply

Since he got his ring in his first season as a rook, it’s only fitting to get him one more in his final season. ONCE A PATRIOT, ALWAYS A PATRIOT. Welcome back Ben! The Quest for Seventh Heaven CONTINUES…

    Jake Shattuck Reply


    1990Thunderbolt Reply

    @Jake Shattuck #sevenheaven! I mean why we taking the steelers 7 quote? let’s make it our own lol

Eric Wiitala Reply

I’ve always liked and rooted for Ben. Very bright guy, well spoken and from everything I know respected Glad to have him back for the year.

Tristan Smith Reply

“Touchdown Benjamin Watson. Tom Brady, you are Tom Terrific.” Goosebumps every time I hear that call.

    Luke R. Reply

    2009 comeback against Buffalo, correct?

    Clifton McIntyre Reply

    @Luke R. correct.

T2HeadedEagle Reply

Listening to Ben Watson I can only think of 1 thing. He is a class act.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Ben – All the best and a GOOD Re-Start in NE

A Zweistein Reply

Reasonable and smart. The patriot way.

Todd Wayde Reply

I’ll never forget Bens performance week 1 against Buffalo when Tom came back from his ACL injury, and Ben caught multiple Touchdown passes including the game winner to comeback and win the game!

MaryJanesLounge Reply

Still got my 84 jersey!!

Sergio Martins Reply

Still the humble gentleman what a class act welcome home Ben Watson.

Rob Roberts Reply

Lol Ben you have 7 kids! Man your a great player but your wife has you beat.That woman deserves a damn GOLD MEDAL.

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