Ben McAdoo talks offensive execution – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Eli Vasquez

throw him away

Tony Tant

I can’t stand the way he presents himself. I don’t know why… but something don’t sit right with me 🥴

donte lomack

Run the ball 100 times and don’t throw no more than 8 yards down the field… we get it

Marcus Logan

So Sam is not starting ?


    Walker is 😅

    Paul Mancini

    Sam won’t be ready conditioning wise for at least another Week

5ean 5ean

1-16…. anything more is a failure. Its time to stop being mediocre, lets get the 1st pick and get in a real franchise QB.

D Cash

That play calling showed none of the confidence u keep talking about. We won 1 game so far & u decided to go play it safe. Push the ball down the field!!

Cristian Hunt

So they finally start to try and build the scheme around running the ball… and then they forget to run pass plays that go for more than 5 yards.

Dallen Pierson

His hair looks like a Lego hair piece

Thomas Hayes

People saying “throw the ball down the field!” is acting like PJ Walker is Peyton Manning or something lol.

    Bryce Stanley

    He’s a qb in the nfl what you think dummy


    If u let him, Walker can sling downfield. It doesn’t matter how many ints he gets, he’s gonna throw that thing😂


I like MacAdoo I really do.. just not for us. You would think we weren’t 1-5 😂😂

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