Ben Leber: Christian Darrisaw Has ‘Tremendous Upside’ and is NFL Draft’s Most Dominant O-Lineman – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ben Leber: Christian Darrisaw Has ‘Tremendous Upside’ and is NFL Draft’s Most Dominant O-Lineman

Former Minnesota Vikings LB Ben Leber shares his thoughts on the team selecting T Christian Darrisaw in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Good draft so far lets get Dyami Brown tomorrow in round two

    Rob E

    Yeah, he would be a sneaky good pick at 66!

    Ross Feehan

    Wyatt Davis


More content please Ben, love your takes brother!

Joe Ansuini

Nice job as always!!!


Wyatt Davis, DIckerson, or Brown tomorrow please.

    Ethan Griffith


    Noah M

    I’d love Davis. But just imagine Moehrig falling into the 2nd round just a little more. Could be an option getting him as well, I think.


    @Noah M Moehrig won’t fall, but Molden might.

Derek Baker

Thanks for posting this video Ben! πŸ™‚ I am excited about the pick! πŸ‘πŸ‘ If they can get a starting calibre iOL in the 2nd round, then use their remaining picks to add a depth to the LB & DB rooms, get a speedy WR3 who could be a burner when returning punts, and find an excellent FG kicker…..then IMHO the Vikes will make a legit run for the SB in each of the next two years! πŸ‘πŸ‘


So all we need now is another center and a guard right?…and we get 9 wins.


    Watch Garrett Bradbury become elite with this pick. Don’t be so pessimistic.

    Kevin Vang

    Lowkey you not wrong 🀣🀣

    Jack D

    Calm down cheese head. Denver is in talks with the cheese to get Rodgers. If a trade happens, your God is gone.

    jabba dabba

    @MnLifer yikes. You think Bradbury will be elite now ? Darrisaw gonna chip those nose tackles for him or something? Bradbury gets sat down flat on passing downs. Over and over. He’s a bust. Literally a mirror image of elflein. But somehow with even worse balance and and even higher draft pick.

Rob E

He is so smooth, man it looks like he is not even trying. I think he will just explode when he starts working full time with professionals.

Derek L

Hope we draft a guard next.


Trade up in the 2nd and get Teven Jenkins. He can play L or RG and were set for years. Talk about mean and finishing plays, watch his tape!


Darrisaw gets taller with each video. He started at 6’4, then 6’5, now he’s 6’6.

Can I get a 2 inch growth spurt too within a 12 hour window? 🀣

Super pumped with this pick.

Sione Aonga

I remember Ben Leber, on twitter, talking about how he wasn’t high on Darrisaw lol solid pick

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