56 replies on “Belichick Breakdown: Rex Burkhead’s game winning overtime TD & more top plays from AFC Championship”

  1. Legendary. Cool to see stuff like this. Let’s go after those Rams😀😈😈

  2. No need to watch the offensive breakdown, Tony Romo already did that during the game πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

  3. I honestly think what we have and are witnessing with the Patriots is something that only happens when so many pieces fall in line and work so well with eachother. The coach, his coaching tree, the quarterback, the offense coordinator Mcdaniels playbook, its all so cohesive. I really dont see Toms record EVER being broken. It truly is special.

  4. That game was rough on me… not gonna lie lol. Adrenaline was pumping through the 4th to the end. Cant we just blow the rams out please.. I get too emotionally involved πŸ˜‚

  5. I’m a diehard Steelers fan and I have to say Coach B is the best coach of ALL time.

    Very impressive….

  6. Mahomes showing his inexperience in first half , he must have got an earful from someone at halftime cause he came out with a whole new set of eyes in the second..

  7. @Joshua Lewis and you graduated from the clown school of trolls. please enlighten us about your brilliant education. please dont say 12th grade education because I am seeing a drop out here.

    trolls are drop outs.

    good day to you.

  8. @Mr. Kerr less than 4% of the universe can been seen from Earth. Anyone presumptuous enough to think they can explain the origins of the universe is selling something.

  9. 8:30 Look at Brady. He is so fast, just like a flash, I had to set the speed to 0.25 to see him

  10. @kolo909 I don’t buy that story at all. Belichick would be stupid to want Brady replaced. He’s perfect for the Patriots. Probably just a dumb rumor

  11. Yes, it basically won them the game. THat could of been another 14 points on the board where KC is use to scoring 30-40 points. Nullified by Pats defense. I don’t care if you are a Patriot hater that is coaching at it’s finest.

  12. Steve Veasey wow I actually haven’t read anything about that hahaha πŸ˜‚ but I can see why ppl would have a problem with it. But forget them, Tony is doing one hell of a job at commentating and I want him to be the announcer for the super bowl πŸ‘

  13. Those 24 points allowed in the 4th alone sadly wasn’t. I hope the Pats defense take it a bit more personal against the Rams for all their crying of foul play the last time we played them in a Superbowl.

  14. Brussels? What s happenning in Belgium nowadays?
    Am a 49er For Life Who sometimes *( ChEatZ ) With the Patz ;0)! Now you know my NFL SECRET AFFAIRS :0) ! That Stated politely, with sportsmanship n LoVe ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY A Great Game Of FOOTBALL IS A DELICIOUS, ADORABLE and HARD Affair !
    DRAGANIZE THE SUPER BOWL! Support the Super DRAGAN Half Time Show

  15. Love coach man, notice he’s smiling and β€œcheerful” talking football. Look at the press conferences πŸ˜‚ he could care less what they say he hates them.

  16. @Han_Some Solo you must be young asf John Madden and Pat summeral were the best sports commentators

  17. john wayne gacey yea those ppl were before my time but in my case Tony is the most entertaining football commentator I’ve seen in this new generation.

  18. Can my Vikings borrow Brady and belichick next year. Just one year. I want one super bowl before I die. Then you can have them back

  19. @Patriotsfansince 1960 you’ve earned it since 1960 im born in 75 from Providence RI we loved them when they sucked its paid off now though i say

  20. @Fate yeah tell me abt it back to splitting w the Dolphins and Jets lolol enjoy whilst we have it brothers cause its wonderful

  21. Shivan Anirudhra Brockers, Suh, Donald, Talib, Peters on defense. Goff, Gurley, Anderson, Woods, Cooks on offense. All superstars. Can you guys name even one player on the Patriots roster outside of Brady? I know I sure can’t. It’s over, there is no way to defeat such a stacked team. 44-10 Rams. πŸ™ It was nice while it lasted. πŸ™

  22. Right on. But it’s also early success followed by sustained success. And you need both. This basically the only team in the NFL where nobody ever has to question what they’re doing because it gets validated every year. So 100% focus from everyone on execution rather than other distractions. As a Skins fan I know the other side of this coin all too well. And so do old Pats fans, because the Pats used to be a joke too. The slightest adversity can send the Redskins (Or jets, Dolphins, Bills etc) into a season-ending tailspin, because the conviction that they are doing the right thing just isn’t there after two decades of failure. It can’t be there. You need success first. And that is almost impossible without the conviction that you can win in the first place. It’s all just a vicious cycle of no confidence for basically two thirds of the teams in the NFL that it’s very hard to get out of. You should definitely enjoy this while it lasts.

  23. @@Brandon Davis Thanks. To me the Pats are fascinating really. I can see them experiencing setbacks that would instantly lead to disruptive and disastrous second-guessing for the Redskins actually make them better. Skins fans get endless fingerpointing. Is it bad coaching? Bad players? Bad owner? Bad luck? Because this adversity had to be someone’s fault, clearly, and let us just see if we can get to the bottom of it right in the middle of the season. The Pats just make small adjustments and keep winning as if it’s nothing. It truly is remarkable. A different sport from what I watch every Sunday really.

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