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Junior Camper

Lets hope the raiders make the playoffs!

    Jacob Bolen

    @Zeshh the chargers are not playing well just lucky winning games


    At this point hope is all we got. At 1-4 we have no business being in the playoffs but we can all dream for a playoff spot

    Ian McCaffrey

    F that. Let’s hope they lose every game hereon out and also smarten up and make a few trades before the deadline. Everyone should be on the market after going 1-4 to start. Carr, Adams, and even Crosby should be considered. If Khalil Mack is tradeable, then anyone is.


    It’s possible because of the talent. But the coaching staff is the main problem

    lil Draco

    @Raiders2739 he meant let go which he should’ve never resigned him worst decision ever for us raiders fans 🤦🏾‍♂️


Cmon Boys lets get this together its not over yet! Bye week, reset Button, from here on Now Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win! 🏴‍☠️

Justin Marmon

Time to go on a run…. RAIDERS!!!!

raider nation full moon records

Our goal is still ahead of us !!!!!!!!!! No let up!!!!!!!!!

John Michael

Nicely done ✔️ 👏 👍 👌 😀

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

You can’t get to 10, until you get to 2. Starts Sunday. Nothing else matters.

Taz Saalim

Love it how James Jones only played one season with the Raiders and it was not a fun year but he’s a die hard Raider 4 life, love it

    Taz Saalim

    @Michael Leggins I could’ve sworn he only played 1 season with the Raiders

    Carlos Muriel

    @Taz Saalim He only played in 2014

    Charles Razo


    Aaron Zupo

    He was only a Raider for 2014

    Taz Saalim

    @Aaron Zupo that was such a rough season


Our coach has no fire like any of our past coaches .

Brandon Riddlesprigger

This is going to be a magical season….A hell of a story….We HAVE TO WIN ON SUNDAY!!!And then …We have to keep winning….


Good teams close out games ! Every loss this season is by one score. Raiders have the talent & time to turn this slow start around. Let’s Go !


I got a good feeling the Raiders are winning 9 if not 10 games rest of the schedule looks good!


Prepare for the greatest movie to us raider nation..Superbowl comeback season!!!!


I like seeing Patrick Graham fired up!!

KillaCaliVibes -

This is amazing. More of this please


This was painful to relive. Let’s hope for a hot streak!! RNFL


Raiders won a lot of games last year that could have easily went the other way , this year they have been on the other side of the deal


Raiders are making a bounce back season mark my words

Ian McCaffrey

The Raiders are a 7 pt favorite in this matchup. To anyone who gambles and sees this, take the Texans to cover the spread. They have the better record and the Raiders always play down to their competition.

Mr. Mata

So far this has been a heartbreaking season. We are still in this though. Please just don’t ruin the season before it’s even halfway over 😅🏴‍☠️

Ben Wakefield

I know I might eat my words but I really feel good about the team 1-4. Looking through the games we have I feel like we can win all of them. It’ll be one hell of a story…

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