Do Your Job presented by Bose takes you behind the scenes for a look at the jobs behind the team. Episode 1 profiles Brenden Murphy and the team's equipment staff.

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60 replies on “Behind the Scenes with the Patriots Equipment Staff | Do Your Job: Episode 1”

  1. It cool to see what other people in The Patriots Organization do other than the coaches and players

  2. *Press Conference for Equipment Guy after the Game*

    _Reporter_ : So, tell me, what can you say about the win today?
    _Brendon_ : Well, thank you Jeff. Yeah, yeah today was a team win. You know? We all worked hard today and got the job done.
    _Reporter_ : Um who are you again?
    _Brendon_ : Yes, you know Head Coach put the game in my hands and you know Tom helped his team by getting the ball down the field.
    _Reporter_ : Right, Tom Brady threw for 543 yards, 6 TDs and ran for 127 yards, he helped the team immeasurably. But I’ll rephrase… who are you exactly?
    _Brendon_ : Oh my name is Brendon. I’m the Head Equipment Manager of the New England Patriots NFL Team.
    _Reporter_ : Right. But why are yo…
    _Brendon_ : Good question thanks Jeff. Well as my mentor and life coach Big Bill, as I call him, said you just got to do your Job. My job today was you know, replacing the shoes and face masks, getting the players hydrated with high quality H20 but you know, the team really stepped up today. A player yelled WATER and I didn’t even need to squirt it in his mouth, he just got up and got it himself. That’s a team play right there. Stepping forward we just need to keep playing as a team and it’s on the Jacksonville next week.
    _Reporter_ : Yeah but why are you here after a win, in a room, taking questions from us reporters?
    _Brendon_ : Thanks Jeff. That’s all I got, like I said you know, just a big team win today and it’s on to Jacksonville next week.

  3. lol That’s the Patriots for you. ” I see you can return punts, play both cornerback and wide receiver, but how are your video editing skills? We’re afraid you might not be versatile enough for this team.”

  4. hard work doesn’t pay off in life. smart work does. the people who work hard are those field laborers and coal miners. dangerous hard work. the smart people make millions on wall street in suits.

  5. I wonder what episode will show how they turn off the opposing coaches’ headsets during the game?

  6. @Camden Patel HAHHAHAHA- I love the haters soooo much, so much pleasure listening to those little piggies whine. Thx baby, you and yours always deliver in the comments section!!! Added bonus when the can’t put a coherent sentence together too!!

  7. Dustin Jeffrey Platt Dustin, bruh ,, Classic, loved your comment – humor and,,, on to Jacksonville 😆

  8. Can’t believe you missed the opportunity to bring up how much of teamwork to deflate the balls to just the right pressure.

  9. Rk
    I’d say the minimum should be 150K plus each player should throw in awesome perk. I bet you the equipment team doesn’t have a person per player.

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