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Beast Mans Broncos Football

We got this easy dub!!

    Zero FOXX GiVEN

    Beast Mans Broncos Football 😢

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @Zero FOXX GiVEN I guess I lied


This team is an embarrassment. It starts and ends with Elway. Piss poor



    alejandro barrera

    J T fire all team

Kevin Allies

This team has been straight trash since Super Bowl 50.

    J T

    BC Elway is a shotty GM


Worst team in the league by a long shot right now. Defense can’t keep it together. Pathetic.


    Yes I agree the broncos are one of the worst teams, hopefully they can win next week but with this loosing streak I just know.


    2beyou 2 win season, if we’re lucky


    Yeah you right, it definitely looks that way for us, hopefully we win at least 7.

alejandro barrera

Team of crap defence of no words to describe


    So true the defence sucks


The NFL needs to fire every ref they have and get some new ones, cost 3 games

    Zero FOXX GiVEN

    TTV_LAWNMOVER 27 we as fans are at the mercy of refball! You’re either lucky or unlucky with the calls!

    Edit: we have been unlucky so far


    Very unlucky, that roughing the passer against the bears to lose us the game was downright disrespectful

Darion Spencer

Yeah yeah yeah same ol same ol 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Von needa change up that speech and pump up everybody


Elway needs to go

Paty Perez

Dam what is going on guys…I know you are way better than your record shows. I’m getting tired of making excuses for you guys STEPP UPPP


All ya’ll Vic fans still good? Fire everyone. Change the uniforms, change the culture, change everything. But of course we’ll keep Elway and find a way to draft some tall slow bust QB again and rinse and repeat.Elway could have Tua available and would probly pass for a tall white QB who’s terrible. Not being racist or anything but Elway only has 1 type of QB he picks.


I’m tired of the excuses, we gotta play better, we gotta do this, we gotta do that… It was the same bullshit last year when we had Case Keenum. That being said, Case Keenum played great with the Vikings, and he’s been playing a lot better with the Redskins than he did in Denver. The problem is obviously not the players, it’s the management of the Broncos organization… END OF STORY!!!


Wow !!!!!! what a horrible performance. Plan on a top 5 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. This season is lost. And it’s time to get rid of the dead wood. Starting with John Elway and trading or cut Von Miller. He is definitely not worth that contract now.


Only a handful of players on this team play with any heart. I’m beginning to see why the Ravens dumped Flacco. He’s so nonchalant when he plays it’s embarrassing.

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