Behind the Colts: Training Camp Part 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Der Pole Reply

Love it!!

Dark Water Reply

The colt’s material has been incredible lately! Keep it up team!

Keith Fessler Reply

Colts are coming in 2019 like if you agree

    rudy rush Reply

    I hate to agree, colts are trending up.

    Deon Nelson Reply

    @rudy rush who’s your team?

    Jericho fletcher Reply

    @Deon Nelson I’m guessing Texans , Jags, Or titans

    rudy rush Reply


1 Man Dynasty Reply

Ebron and Ty soo MUCH swag!

TheBoyyWonder100 Reply

My guys!! I love this content

Jeremy Douglas Reply

Happy Birthday Maniac

doctorjp12 Reply

Who needs Hard Knocks when your team is putting out content like this? This is awesome

    Joe Reply

    FOR REAL! Colts media department putting in the work and it shows! More fans need to see this content!

    Aidan Kearns Reply

    Hard Knocks is for shitty teams 😂

Brandon Spearman Reply

Man I love these inside videos of the team like this including “ with the next pick series” I don’t ever the video to end. #COLTure 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🤘🏾

For_The_Shoe Reply

Thank you Colts for including this type of content on youtube!!!

Lootpack Reply

Let’s get this Lombardi y’all! #ColtsNation

Matthew Stansberry Reply

Coach Frank inadvertently gives away Ballards trade secrets: “Time Travelling…”

BhBraaq Reply

Love these videos they’re doing giving us an intimate look inside the organization.

Typhon Reply

Great job, keep um coming.
Go Colts!!!!

legohunter77 Reply

The only thing i don’t like about training camp are injuries, hope the team stays healthy.

    Nunya Bizness Reply

    Stay healthy

For The COLTure Reply

The Colts video production team really stepped it up this offseason!!! Phenomenal job by the media department!!!
ForTheCOLTure Podcast —

kwabena donkor Reply

I’ve been spoiled these past 20 yrs as a colts fan. Thank you Colts

mark shippoli Reply

Never been more happy, or excited to be a Colts fan! This team is flush with talent. The players, the staff, the ownership are all hitting the right notes. We are in tune to make a great run this year! BELIEVE IN BLUE! 🐎🏈

    Kevin Moy Reply


    mark shippoli Reply

    Well… that I’ve been kicked in the gut, by the Luck retirement news. I have only this to say….nuttin but love for Andrew! He’s a great guy, and I still BELIEVE IN BLUE!

Stevie Armstrong Reply

My Indianapolis Colts We Is Goin All The Way This Year #Factz It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here

The Ghost of Andrew Luck Reply

You guys are really taking it to the next level on the videos/series. As a video producer I understand that it isn’t easy to make a high quality product, but you have went beyond expectations and everyone seems to agree. I’m so proud.

Sean Carver Reply

Whoever is in charge of colts media is doing a damn good job. Keep up the great work.

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