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    Cortez Wright

    There we go

    iCu LQQKn

    NFL don’t pay taxes as a 501c3 non profit organization im pretty sure they not worried about the pennies lost for not going 10 mins … im jus sayn lol

    Brandon McGowan

    @iCu LQQKn the individual teams pay hella taxes, just the league as a whole is not taxed

    iCu LQQKn

    @Brandon McGowan thanks but this video was posted by the NFL not an individual team, the same NFL who makes billions each year in total revenue but doesn’t pay taxes at all, sooooo Im still kinda right aint I? But you’re correct Teams pay taxes but they also have their 100+ million dollar stadiums financed and paid for with tax dollars so im sure its more of a break even type situation rather than a pay hella taxes situation feel free to crunch those numbers n get back to me though 🙂

    Agoinsane Insane

    😂, it will still make money but I get what ur saying

Giants Pride

You know it’s preseason when my Giants win 32-13 against the Bears… 😂😭


    @Chitown4L he’s good sometimes and bad sometimes. No way about it….. “on baby”


    Kind of what happens when you have first string go up against 2nd/3rd string.

    Austin Nardone

    Bears are trash lol they got a fast running back and K Mack that’s about it secondary & WRs are always garbage..


    @Austin Nardone they have one of the best secondaries what are you talking about. Even years ago when they were trash Tillman and Jennings were pretty good

    Chowdz zz

    Real IN Salty Much

Jesus's ZR videos

I just want the lakers to win the superbowl already

    Alejandro Galvan

    The Yankees will definitely win the indy 500 this this year

    Slim 803

    U mean Chargers

    Nba NewsTime

    Cohen R_Vlogs they will get a home run when they shoot the ball then the lakers will win the Super bowl

    Nv y

    Only if they putt the tennis ball in to the net


    Maybe steph curry is gonna lead the blue jays to their first wimbledon championship


Nobody really saw Daniel play at duke but we all saw Haskins 50 TD,s at OH that’s why there was so much hate when he got picked 6th


    @Peter Saiki It was more so gettleman the NYG fans hated, not to say Jones didn’t get some his way but gettleman made the pick.

    j p

    @Charly Lucky who would u rather have?


    @Charly Lucky I’m wondering the same thing lol

    Charly Lucky

    @j p, Barkley, Gurley, Elliott would be tops imo. But the best? I don’t know. Kamara is up there too.

Dennis Williams

I’m still not use to seeing that blue wall, its like when you get a new car and you always cleaning and polishing it and just stare at it. Damn offensive line baby.

    Dennis Williams

    @Talk – Action Equals Stop it, they didn’t do a DAMN THING! The only thing the jets accomplished was leaving with a L-O-S-S, LOSS LOSS LOSS! Now be gone TROLL, you bore me.

    Ian Jones

    @Talk – Action Equals lol yeah no boy

    Orignal Name

    empireone 😛 nope, this cars brand new

    John Sanders

    @Dennis Williams good luck playing the cowboys and eagles twice each this season , giants will be lucky to get one win from those four games

    Boromir Of Gondor

    This o-line almost brought a tear to my eye. Is it too early?

Jerry Aguilar

Couple of mistakes from my homies the giants but better than losing

    Nano X

    Better than losing? Honestly these games wins/losses don’t matter at all

    Javier Nunez

    Nano X yeah no one cares about them or else i would have been pissed that my cowboys lost to the niners 17-9

    Chuck Weber

    @Javier Nunez should be a good game.i would think the cowboys will sign there qb and running back but im sure they will come to a deal to keep them.lets go giants!!!!!!


    packers have 42 missed tackles over the course of two games 😭🤣

    Javier Nunez

    Chuck Weber oh yeah its gonna get done ,, you know jerry jones just likes to make things interesting


6:56 wtf that giants player got a potion of swiftness or something

    hugh james

    nice world of warcraft refrence

    Sand Stew

    hugh james 95% sure it’s a Minecraft reference


    thegodofslifer *used a splash potion of slowness

    joseph wisniewski

    old saying , Speed Kills


    You’ve been watching PewDiePie have you?

B -ping

Wr tj Jones and the kicker ( both on the giants) are wearing the same number. They do not care in the preseason 😂😂

    Alvin Alers



    B -ping too many players, not enough numbers


    B -ping it’s probably cause they have over 100 players on the active roster, not enough numbers lol

    Philipp Gampe

    99 numbers from 1-99, 95 players in training camp and 11 retired jersey numbers. There are just not enough numbers left for training camp.

    Matthew K

    B -ping two people can have the same number, as long as they’re never on the field at the same time. Like a defensive player could be #8 and so could an offensive player. They just can’t be on the field at the same time

Deon Nancis

Everything is okay until Khalil Mack’s bull rush has you eating turf


    @Clayton bigsby It’s a tossup . Mack more versatile in that he can line up more places and can drop back in coverage. I also think Mack plays the run better. 
    Either way though, both are all time greats.

    Troy Butcher

    @Clayton bigsby Give me Mack ADL!


    Mack was nowhere to be found when a bad giants team erased him from the game last year.

    Corbanaa A

    @TheKillaShow he was injured with a sprained ankle lmaoo shut up

    Bamz Santana

    As a giants fan I agree, but Jones look good came back strong after those 2 turn overs not enough rookies do that

Flymoolah man 27

This must make Barkley hungry for some football…

    Tobi Best of und mehr!

    Feeling so bad for my man but I don’t want him to be injured. I hope he sits out the whole preseason

    Biggie Sneeze

    Yeahhhh!!! When the season starts he finna be hungry af watching his backups do work…just makes the hype real af for barkley!!

Juice TV

Whoever reads this is gonna hopefully have a great week🙏🏽

    Juice TV

    @Bearded Hulk your welcome.
    Stay strong 💪🏽

    Juice TV

    @Dan Rustle ok, then after the weekend all these people are gonna have a great week

    Jacob Demerath

    Thanks man you too

    Juice TV

    @Jacob Demerath thanks man…. have a great day

    Vaporr Kid


Tosh T

@6:53 Damn. Look at #84 Alonzo Russell chase down the interception. Dude got wheels.

    J Dolo

    @xxLOCKDOWN CORNERBACK24xx yeh. Dont care bout no highlight on no name bkups more bout no name bkups making him the highlight

    Patricia Mckee

    To me it just looked like #38 couldnt switch it into second gear , seem like he was running out of gas with every stribe

    David Friedman

    Surprising speed for ZO. His combine was only 4.51 or so. Not blazing by any stretch. Which means a CORNERBACK is really slow!@Q!@@

    Tosh T

    @David Friedman Combine can be misleading. Some players are able to maintain close to peak speed in gear…others can’t. Some players run well on grass or turf…others do not. Regardless, look at #13 Reggie White. He broke at the same time as the corner and was only 5 yards behind and despite running unimpeded in a straight route, he didn’t gain a single yard. Alonzo is fast.

    The Truth

    @TeamGreats i will respond in week 9


Hopefully the Giants do well enough to allow Daniel Jones to sit for the year. I think that would help him a lot. He looks promising

    Justin cruz

    @Mark Swift oh boy 2x any how many other time we was in the playoff he choke jones gon a be nev mvp

    Justin cruz

    @Lord Michaels Jones need to teach Eli not to throw pic so Eli need to sit this season

    Justin cruz

    @Christopher Strebeck ok


    @Dallas – Loss (assuming Zeke plays)
    Buffalo – Win
    @Tampa – Loss
    Washington – Win
    Minnesota – Win
    @New England – Loss

    3-3 after 6 games. Vikes may win so maybe 2-4 after 6 games. There will be pressure to put Jones in.

Christopher Alden

Daniel Jones now asking for a $40 Million / yr contract

    Bob Saget

    He definitely deserves it more than Dak


    hes is 22 million right now

    Tyler Brown

    Dak played ten times better than him his rookie season in preseason yall mofos

    Bob Saget

    Tyler Brown that might hold some weight if Dak wasn’t the worst quarterback in history of all of mankind.


I’ve always rooted for Jones because of the hate Trubisky got as well when he was drafted. I’m glad to see him slinging it. Us bears fans understand yall.


    Goatquon Barkley and Trubisky was?!?! GTFOH

    Michael Brown

    WillieGreen it was split between Trubisky and Watson as the best QB by NFL scouts, so yeah. Some QBs take more time to develop, don’t forget he didn’t get much playing time in college and was in a trash system his rookie year with literally 0 NFL caliber wide receivers. He has room to improve

    Awesome Dude Man Guy

    Thanks my guy I’ll root for trubisky 2

    Awesome Dude Man Guy

    William Burnette agree to much hate on qb first seasons, Sam darnold and even josh Rosen

    daniel Quiroga

    Trubisky is a joke

Quinn Erlandsen

Like what I’m seeing from Daniel Jones

    Jonny Cameron

    Sure, just wait til he plays the starters and he might not do so well.

    Brendan R

    Jonny Cameron I mean it’s not like Daniel Jones all night was playing with the giants starting o line and did not have Barkley engram or Shepard play


My god watching Chase Daniels gives me PTSD

    Agoinsane Insane


    Slim 803


    Asante Saddler

    My god he pisses me off… he’s been in the league long enough to give a damn… wtf!!! 🐻👇


Hi people Ravens fan I come in peace but I’ve lost count how many drop snaps,Fumbles,INTS,Dropped INTS, overthrown were in this game.

    Elmyda 1537

    @Miami Dolphins BABY! U talk and awful lot for a Miami fan! Why dont u go watch what little highlight reels rosen has and hope that he can at least win 2 or 3 games this year!

    Miami Dolphins BABY!

    Elmyda 1537 Your best player is saquon, I don’t expect y’all to do anything. And Rosen is actually good, if he had a O-Line he would be a pretty damn good QB, but don’t expect you to know that your a casual NFL fan.

    bob bob

    chase danieL is the worst backup qb in the league

    Drunk Drywaller

    base meants Uh oh, the race card has been pulled. Watch some of Lamar’s tape, he can’t throw that well at an NFL level just yet. Explains the worst playoff performance by a QB in NFL history.

    it is what it is

    Its preseason.


6:53 how do you get chase down like that as a corner back?!?!😂 Alonso just made the team on that play🤔

    J The Barber Atl

    esils facts! 😂

    Machete Lopez

    @J The Barber Atl Hell yeah, usually the small dude is faster he proved that statement wrong lol



Brendan Klink

Honestly one of the best plays was jones tackle on that guys twice his size

    Sheldon Skeete

    Brendan Klink Ik I was surprised

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