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Rip Andrew Luck’s career. It was a good run while it lasted.

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    @White guys with backpacks and small dicks Yeah hes probably doing what Lebron did in Cleveland but that doesn’t work in the NFL so he has to retire for it to work.

    GetMoney23 The King

    White guys with backpacks and small dicks yo YouTube name got me rolling 😂😂


    MDev Studios nice guy .. too bad … should be ok, he’s a Stanford guy.


    Andrew’s Luck has run out, how ironic, he’s barely turning 30 years old in two and a half weeks, yet he’s retiring, Adam Vinatieri should be the one retiring, you’d think it be Adam but no! Adam Vinatieri is already 46 years old, he had turned 46 the last game of the 2018 season. How is he still playing football at that age?

Anthony Faiola 9

RGIII will have a longer career than Andrew Luck….

    Riley McMonigle

    @Devin Poli yes you can blame the coach but injuries are always mostly on the player. Whether they slide before taking a hit, step out of bounds or simply chose to throw the ball away. The greatest players are never injured. Consider russel wilson or tom Brady. Even Kirk cousins who had the same couch as rg3. Rg3 was injury prone. He is rather small for the nfl, not his height just his general built. A qb who runs a lot and is built that way will get injured. And yeah the coach wasnt exactly great, but that’s also on rg3, just like andrew luck said, you have to know your own limits, take the time to make sure you are healthy. Rg3 did none of these things, and he has only himself to blame.


    Wentz is next to retire 😂

    Miami fan best for business

    @Anthony Faiola 9 gets bored of retirement

    Anthony Faiola 9

    laidbacc9. I hope not. We have a great oline

    Anthony Faiola 9

    Miami fan best for business. It’s just not gonna happen. He in his prime, he has a huge contract and he’s on a phenomenal team. There’s a difference between saying, “I’m gonna take the year off” and “I’m formally retiring from the NFL” there’s no way he comes back

This bitch loud in every movie

These highlights are akward af after the Andrew Luck news broke 🤣🤣


    OG LOC but do they want that attention tho lol. Brissett is a beast on madden lol

    SBC Burgos

    @Grateful aya What state do you live in? In Illinois there are still cash toll booths on the right side of the toll station. I wasn’t joking when I said I went to Indiana yesterday. And Indiana has a ticket system option where you pay cash when you exit the tollway.

    SBC Burgos

    @quan Brooklyn kid “L” for what?




Poor Luck. Colts didn’t get him an O line fast enough.


    @J Dolo I think you misread what I said. I know you are defending Cutler. But you said he would silence the critics. I’m saying he could do everything perfect and would still never silence the critics. They will still find something to complain about.

    J Dolo

    @Kartkid024 ok i got you. I was saying nobody can say anything bc his #s were good. He wasnt why we lost…it was bad defense and so many injuries. But all everybody swear is it was qb play although he had his best yrs. Broke Chicago franchise records. Media and hear say. Nobody ever go check stats tho. I had to prove so many haters wrong in person. Smh


    @J Dolo “Broke Chicago franchise records.” That’s not really a great accomplishment with this franchise. Hell Trubisky nearly set a couple of records just last year in his second year.

    A F

    I’m a Bears fan and I’m even bummed to see Luck retire. The Colts are to blame for this. They never got him the O line he needs. His injuries were constantly misdiagnosed. I can see why he’s fed up. Sucks for Colts fans, but how dare they boo him and start burning his jerseys. Blame the organization, not Luck! Now watch Indy give Brissett an O line! Bad time to be an Indy fan.

    J Dolo

    @ChiTownBone nearly aint good nuff. Its single season awards. Plus we never had but two qbs prior to jay. His #s will always be next to the best if not the best. Give credit where due. Can only be judged by what we had. Esophageal in last decade where passing really increased. Smh.

Mista Meatballs

Have a day Andrew Luck: 0 Passes 0 Completions 1 Retirement

    Ricky Todd

    And 87 million guaranteed

    martin timmer

    Have a day meatballs, dumb post:1, nfl games: none,class: missing

Escocivo 30

I will miss Andrew Luck. He such a nice guy and one of my favorite qbs. To bad injuries ruin him.

    quan Brooklyn kid

    @YourMom Favorite L

    quan Brooklyn kid

    @Dewitt McDidditt lol

    Timothy Washington

    He’ll come out of retirement and be the next QB for the New Orleans Saints two years from now!

    Dewitt McDidditt

    @Timothy Washington Broncos*

    Timothy Washington

    @Dewitt McDidditt Nah, Sean Payton and That Scheme would take Luck to another level especially with the young talent on offense and future talent that will be added!

joneth piptne

I might be a Bears fan but I’m very sad that Andrew Luck is retiring…sad day for the NFL

    Christian Townsend

    @James Grinstead I highly doubt that’s going to happen because the only person that retired from the New England Patriots was Drew Bledsoe and he’s 47 years old and he was with the Patriots for a long time

    Sporsho Chowdhury

    Meanwhile for wnba players: at least he has money

    Sauce Money

    Chitown Mytown official one and only channel

    Change your channel name bruh 🤦‍♂️😂😂


    so long Andrew Luck, not even 30 yet and already retiring, yet you have another Colt who by now should have retired years ago (Adam Vinatieri), yet is still pressing on at 46.

Joe Crockrell

Those fans should be ashamed. The man did all he could but he wasn’t going to end up dying on the field. Class Act, hope you enjoy your retirement Andrew.


    life isn’t fair, Adam Vinatieri is 46 and he’s still playing for the Colts/NFL.


    and sadly, Andrew Luck retires while still 29, two and a half weeks away from 30.


    @312vandal Bull. His talent got him to where he was.


    @ir10031981 Vinatieri is a kicker. The guys has been barely touched by an opponent in his entire career..


Andrew Luck stayed strong throughout the injuries. Class guy will be ok, he earned a architectural degree from Stanford. He will be successful at that I am sure!

    abdou thiam

    chicago made where’s Punk

    Great Cornholio

    @arjan van tongerlo he was set for life whether he made it in the NFL or not. His dad played in the NFL and was a college football bigwig for years

    OG LOC

    @Great Cornholio never knew that 🤔

    Great Cornholio

    @OG LOC Oliver Luck is his dad. He was Warren Moon’s backup for years in the 80s. Was also an AD at multiple D1 colleges. Was the former head of the CFB playoff committee. Now is about to be the Commissioner of Mr. McMahon’s league


    @abdou thiam
    On the el train 🤣👍

robot shadow 7

Bears fan, sad to hear Andrew luck is retiring, was such a nice guy, had a good career.

    Alan Molina

    Pat Willin Jr why wouldn’t he clearly he knew he had money to live his life that contract really regressed his career it’s nothing but bs from luck he walked out on his fans

    Christopher H. Meuse

    I never thought Andrew lived up to hype, I always knew Russell W. Was the best of the 2012 draft, but Luck had his great moments, especially his win over KC in the playoffs.

    Many excellent QBs never win big in the playoffs, like Marino or Romo, doesnt mean they weren’t great. Good luck Andrew….


    I have no remorse for the Colts, after all, they did beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41, so hard luck on them.


    you’d think it be Adam Vinatieri (another IND Colt) who would be retiring, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he did, it’s about damn time, he’s already 46 years old! but he’s not retiring, he’s gonna keep playing, it’s sad that Andrew Luck, two and a half weeks shy of 30, is the one to retire. #12 turns 30 September 12, he turned 12 just one day after 9-11-01.


    Very sad, never seemed to be able to stay healthy enough to fulfill his vast potential

Jarquez Nichols

Damn I just find out Andrew Luck is done with NFL he been having problems with his health he can’t stay healthy but I wish him the best

ray ray

Andrew luck leaves colts 1 year later luck says hes back and ready to play for the Broncos


    @Shreyas Iyer I get it, I mean if my team was now dookie, id brag about past SB’s. Fact is, I never claimed chiefs would win SB’s. I claimed they would continue to dominate the afc west and be a top 2 in the conference but for whatever reason (probably delusion) you donkey fan bois cant read. I never said mahomes would win consecutive SB’s but thanks for putting words in my mouth! Lmao.

    Yall sound like emotional lesbians, not using logic in your arguement and living in the past.

    Good luck this season with Fluke-o, donkey bois 😂


    I doubt Andrew Luck will follow in the shoes of Peyton Manning.

    B H

    Person makes a joke, which turns into a 30+ reply argument (smack talking session).

    A F

    I can actually see him staying retired for this season and next then come back to play for a team who wants to protect their QB and make some massive noise. If he went to Denver that would be hilarious!

Jonathan M.

being a rival fan of the Colts, (Texans fans), i’ve always highly had respect for Andrew, wish him luck to wherever he goes, great QB, should’ve gone to a super bowl.


Andrew Luck aside, Chad Kelly looked really solid during this game.

    Greg Tierney

    Against zero starters for the Bears. LOL

    Brendon Keen

    dude fellow yeah Andrew luck told Brisett 2 days ago he was retiring

    The Lazy Kid

    He has awkward mechanics, but he is still a great player.

    M R

    @Greg Tierney double doink


    Agreed, I was very impressed by his speed and game saavy

Sporsho Chowdhury

99% of the comments: rip for Andrew

1% of the comments: wow the bears kicker can kick

    Armando Clark

    Boiii lol🤣

    Sporsho Chowdhury

    @Jerrell Simmons lol

    C Weezy

    Yea he can!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 😎

Paco Huerte

The colts tried saving him from taking hits too late.. poor guy


I was hoping Brady would retire first before Luck but dang this sucks

Brian B

Cowboys fan here. Hate to see luck go, he had tremendous talent!

King Leo XVII

Well Jacoby got his wish. Colts will have tons of cap space in their future.

    Leroy Brown

    The only thing is Chad Kelly is far better, and will be starting by week 6. Kelly’s the future in Indy. Dude is a player.


    “Colon Keapernick”….yeah, he is rather shitty.

    Tyler Madman

    @Leroy Brown Honestly Kelly might just have a future as a starter

    Mikiyas 17

    @Leroy Brown Lol probably not

    Jay Cee

    Colts should load up on young back up QBs from other teams. Give them all a chance and see what happens.

Hshe Whenehs

I’m a bears fan but I feel bad for luck and the colts

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