Bears Defense Devours Vikings w/ 6 Sacks | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I’d rather have Cousin Eddie playin’ qb for my team than Kirk.

LaVar Balld-Head Ass

The *Nicks* came out to play

    mark lawrence

    On kids


This defense is for real and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears won the division again his season.

    Ramaun Thompson

    @AGK927 okay buddy 😂


    @AGK927 Trubisky you know you think he sucks and he might.

    Alex Kamara

    @AGK927 Has a new defensive coach, starters didnt play preseason, and Nagy held Trubisky back from passing. I guarantee we will beat the Packers next time we play them. It’s our division.


..while missing 2 of their best players


    More than 3 on defense, roquan smith called off 2 hours before kick off

Lebron Very Overrated James

I should watch more Bears videos to learn how to play defense


    Lebron Very Overrated James pure relentlessness and athleticism, I think the dline just does what they want and do their own stunts off instinct

Loyal Philly fan

They shut down the Vikings now. The bears are truly the best defense in the league

    Ishmel Conway

    @Littleone Forever you know damn well you don’t even believe that lol! Lol it’s not even close!

    Ishmel Conway

    @Littleone Forever dummy 😂😂😂

    Ishmel Conway

    @prforpricans whatever dude is smoking I want lol… Makes him retarted AF LOL

    Ishmel Conway

    @SquidParty finally a true comment! Big ups #🐻👇


    @Littleone Forever nah

Jai Norman

Bears has the best defense in national football league.

    Senituli Sitauti

    Nah, Patriots have the best defense


    @Senituli Sitauti Bears are most dominant. No matter wat stats say. Patriots been playing bums. Miami steelers jets and bills

    Sneaky Castro

    Senituli Sitauti They literally haven’t played any playoff teams , bills are going down hill already even though their defense is solid.

    Ishmel Conway

    @Sweet Jones III stop correcting him lol he had it right it’s has* lmao 😂😂😂

A Dempsey

Its like playing against a 100 foot wall


    “the Great Wall of Chicago” that’s what we’ll call it

Zech Merquise

Welcome to White Castle. Would you like fries and a drink with those sacks?

    Eric Bennett

    Hah…. Good one


Most dominate Bears D since the ’85 Bears. This is a Superbowl bound defense, it’s up to the offense to keep up.

    Tomas Gutierrez

    It’s really close to the ’05 and ’06 defenses but I agree best defense since the ’85 squad

    Princess Tsunade lover

    @Tomas Gutierrez if the o can get points and not turn it over then the d can win a sb

    Sue Martino

    @Princess Tsunade lover exactly just pray


I’m still waiting for the Bears to get a shutout.

    SC Challenger

    They could have this game if they didnt go to the prevent defense

    J P

    I’m praying for that too. They do that all the other teams will know fear


    It was close! Damn

    Sneaky Castro

    Why would they play that extra when they could injure Mack or Jackson on a game they got in the bag, that’s why they played more zones when Vikings scored.

common diversity

so, why are the vikings letting dalvin cook try and block? kwiatkowski went around him like he was a statue, then picked him up and threw him into the qb? coaches need to do better coaching.

    Mase Stanley

    Cuz that Bears D line can’t be blocked with just 5 offensive lineman every play. If u think that was bad imagine if Hicks was playing

John Kozlow

The scariest part is that they were playing without Akeim Hicks, Roquan Smith and Bilal Nichols

    Kosal Yous

    And still dominates,wow!!!

    J P

    I swear to God I love it….they didnt just beat them, they beat the HELL out of em

Julian Rodriguez

Damn that NFC north is tough !! Strong performance by the Bears defense !! And the so called experts said that Chicago defense would lose a step without Fangio, if anything this Bears defense looks better than last year’s unit and that’s scary to think. Man if the postseason were to start today nobody in the NFC would want to face the Bears !!!


    Fangio believed in the bend but don’t break defense. Pangio is an aggressive DC who believes in attacking the QB. If anything we upgraded lol

    Julian Rodriguez

    @RedX165 lol true dat

    david wenzel

    @RedX165 same strategy for the pats…don’t break.

LJ Serrato

This isn’t even our healthy defense lol

Christopher Tuinstra

Imagine being on that defense just playing football with a bunch of freaks of nature.

Logan Heckathorn

Analysts who picked the Vikings to win in Chicago. Idiots

Bilguun B

Kwaitkowski playing like Brain Urlacher damn

    Sue Martino

    He needs to be out side so he can blitz all ways


    I love me some white linebacker.


Why didn’t my Falcons give Oakland first round picks for the next 3 years to get Khalil Mack, he is worth it. Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are 1A and 1B the best defensive players in the NFL

abdallaha92 Awwad

*Short rest
*QB out (more pressure on D)
*missing 3 top tier starters
*Had to deal with some of the worst refs in the game


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