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Dissent Truth- Reply

Hopefully we can score more points than last game.

    Baracus backus Reply

    they will get 3 more points then last game, This time Nagy will take the feild goal he should have taken in week 1.

Entrenched Trader Reply

Mitch will show up strong and i bet most of the mistakes on the o-line will be corrected 🐻⬇️

    Abdurrahmaan Hussaini Reply

    Yes, I hate how everyone is bashing Trubisky. If you do that then he will lose confidence and things will only get worse

    Josh Maple Reply


    JayceeCameroNTheRapper Reply

    I hope so bro! I believe Trubisky can do it! We also need our receivers to catch and not drop open passes aswell. Montgomery needs to play all game long!🐻⬇️💯

Sadiq Hough Reply


Kevin Pawl Reply

Get hyped

Tyron Wells Reply

If the Bears lose cut Mitchell Trubusty

    Hunter X Reply

    Tyron Wells yes cut our starting QB for a backup in even worse chase Daniels. Give this man an award he solved all of our problems people.😂😂

    Danny Przedpelski Reply

    Daniel is pretty trash I have to agree on that.

Baracus backus Reply

Bears lose 14- 6> no pass protection Kyle long got fatter and slower. Trupickski telegraphs his passes. They run the same play over and over Bears dont have a power runner. bears turned there running game into a mini receiver core, They have 5’10” 180lb running backs trying to block 6’3″ 240lb linebackers. After a fabulous season last year they took 12 steps backward. Great job Ryan. You let the best Def co go and replaced him with an acient artifact.

    Baracus backus Reply

    @Cortez Faithful Bears fan all my life. Gut all the hype they receive is unfounded. If they couldnt see Parky was a mistake by week 3 last year they deserve to lose.This team will finish 6-10. at best . True fans dont believe the hype true fans know the Mcaskeys should have been out of football 20 years ago.

    Cortez Reply

    @Baracus backus You can’t cut your kicker in the middle of the season

    Baracus backus Reply

    @Cortez so your okay with losing 4 games because of your faith in a player?

    Cortez Reply

    @Baracus backus Mitch was not the problem in all of those games. Nor was Parkey. You can blame Mitch for maybe 2, and Parkey for 2 as well.

    humans suck Reply

    He didnt let Fangio go. Fangio took a head coaching job. You can block lateral moves but you can’t block someone from taking a better position. Also, what from last game gives you any indication that this defense is taking a step back? They had no takeaways and still held packers to 200 yds and 10 points. Take away two poor plays by a backup safety and its 150 yards and 3 points. Last year when they didnt get a takeaway that defense was not as good. If anything this D is better than last year, although I think they’ll give up some points this week with that high altitude.

Derrick Nichols Reply

So Clowney & Mack are in the same division now 😄😄

    Mitch The god Trubisky Reply

    Derrick Nichols conference *

PHILosophy 1990 Reply

Our Bears are goin to the Mountains baby!

Saddle up Bears fans!!!!


JojoTheMongol Reply

Already feels like a must win. The Bears are the better team but Mile High is unfriendly to visitors in September

PCray ThePlug Reply

Nagy please Call better plays then last year

CollinsK85 Reply


    Gary Slomczynski Reply

    Yes go right down the shitter where they belong!!

Electric Reply

Bears Key To Winning. First build rhythm by playing traditional football since Bears have a more talented roster. Saving the trick plays only if needed.

ralph rogers Reply

They should play under the airport.

Brandon Freres Reply


First name Paris Reply

Back to bears buzz weekly love it !!

isaac marcus Reply

This is song atrocious 😂😫

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