Bears at Patriots | Game Preview: Week 7 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Max hill

Bears win Justin is a super star

    Lee Amora


    Lee Amora

    @Brian Jenkins 🐴 hurt πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Andy G

This one is going to be tough to watch offensively

    Amahd cole



    Not gonna be any better defensively. Bears have a terrible run defense, and I guarantee that Bill is going to have the Pats ready to take full advantage of that.

Tejash Patel

New England 75. Bears 0

Tiff Tiff

After last Thursday game against the Commanders, the Bears are done winning this season 🀬

    Oliver Lacey

    Maybe 1 or 2 more wins but that’s about it

Amahd cole

The Patriots will win this game as a bears fan

Bryan Carter

I really think we are tanking

    Original Juice

    I don’t think so. they just straight out suck


GO BEARS πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸˆπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Cornelius Gober

I wanna see this Team Chicago Bears flex the offensive line they need to use Running backs david montgomery and Khalil herbert they are gonna be πŸ”‘ for this team to bounce back and win games others behind each other to give the players on both sides of the ball defense and offense that want to win games and make them a Contenders gotta show the haters and critics and naysayers that the Chicago bears are never quitters we are Fighters hustlers never giveup keep pushing keep Grinding for excellence make them eat your words time too eat let’s go hunting Monster’s of the Midway Baby 🐻 ⬇️

Rich Kid

I like these guys so much but at the end of the day can’t forget they are just shills for the most corrupt football family in the game. Therefore their analysis is impossible to take seriously.
Sad πŸ˜”

Antonio Tate

the bears need to learn how to finish games!!!!! play to win thats all we wanna see πŸ»β¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈβ¬‡οΈ

Ben Hartwig

Hahah this guy is funny lol the Bears are a terrible organization. They are for sure going to loss this game and it won’t even be close lol

Brenda Mckeithan

Bears win this game, very important

Brenda Mckeithan

San Francisco ain’t playing around they just traded for Christy McCarthy DJ Morris probably next to be traded

Oliver Lacey

I enjoy hearing them breakdown the game no matter how slaw the team is.

Chosen One

46-10 Bears. Justin fields 500 passing yards and the Bears defense gets 8 sacks and two interceptions




    Ahh adorable.

    Big block 472

    I needed the laugh🀣


Three of our four losses were within a touchdown or less. For a rebuilding (not contending) team, I think that is a good base. That points to the need of executing our plays (and play selections) much better.

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