Battling Rams in 2nd Straight Primetime Matchup | Browns 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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William Fay Reply

“undefeated against the AFC”
*Laughs in Belichick*

    Branden Johnson Reply

    Well he was talking regular season im assuming but that comes to an end in the dawg pound Sunday..#brownshavearrived

Black Rolic 31 Reply

I expect Baker to play a whole lot better than the last 2 games because if he don’t we lose.

Phil G. Reply

Nathan, you’re not getting paid enough.

Tevin Prejean Reply

Baker has to play better no force passes an lookin for only obj to get open and he needs to stop always going for the big throws every time.. look for other players to throw it to

Robert Janko Reply

Z-man: its not only the US watching, its the world! Greets from germany. ;o)

    Theresa Deleon Reply

    Dude you’re everywhere! Go Browns!

    Robert Janko Reply

    @Theresa Deleon I am! Abrazo por ti! ;o)

    abdul smith Reply

    Ok Germany stand up!

G Vell TV Reply

Jalen Ramsey

MD J Reply

I’m going to this game the atmosphere should be crazy. please just be a competitive game in the 4th quarter that’s all I ask

Tammie A Reply

I hope the refs don’t screw it up! It seems to me the refs don’t want to see Cleveland do well. 2 games they screwed us!

S S Reply

I Got the Browns taking this in a very good Defensive game.
13 -10.

    1stump 1 Reply

    Maybe 31-10

    S S Reply

    @1stump 1 lol!! Hopefully it’s the Browns with 31.
    I see both O lines struggling in this one.
    Both LA, and CLE have, IMO , a top 3 or 4 D line in the NFL.
    Gonna be a chess match.
    Neither QB has to play to perfection.
    Just can’t make the stupid mistakes.
    Baker must not try and force passes if there is no urgency to do so.
    He’s been pushing too hard to be in Canton Ohio over night.
    Favre is an excellent Comparison with Baker.
    But it took Brett a career to be the Hall of Fame QB he is.
    Baker needs to slow down a bit and let the game come to him.
    Many of those tight bullet passes worked well at Oklahoma.
    But in this league.
    DB’s and Coaches know how to analyze film.
    And prepare for individuals.
    They calculate the timing of the passes , and in many cases.
    A great DB will bait a QB into throwing a ball where he wants.
    ED Reid , and Charles Woodson were two that were masters at that.
    The arm talent is off the charts.
    Gotta get the decision making part down.
    And then. The sky is the limit .
    Got a great , but young Defense.
    And one heck of a ground game.
    He doesn’t need to force balls when the game can be won in other aspects.
    The O line needs to be consistent also.
    They are what’s going to make or break this offense.
    But, I do like what Dorsey has done.
    Got the pieces all sorted out.
    Now they can start building depth on both interiors , especially offense to protect their investments.
    That is why New England, Baltimore, New Orleans, Pitt, etc, have been contenders each and every year.
    Just look at how they’ve drafted.
    Always getting the best Beef on the Board.

    Cam Moore Reply

    That’s if the Offenses aren’t clicking the Browns have too many weapons to not be effective on that side as well

    Eric Canfield Reply

    the entire Browns secondary may not play. The Rams are going to roll them over

Christopher Waits Reply

Rams are 0-4 in SNF

No Name Reply

Vernon needs to work on his speed #54

VLaD Anto Reply

Vernon has done nothing so far ….needs to play better on the opposite side of Myles

Common Sense Reply

Man, this is going to be ugly.

David Richards Reply

2 Minute Drill lasted 4 1/2 min. lol

tom goodfellow Reply

8-1 against the afc. Can’t forget that 3 point game

Mark Wood Reply

A lot to unpack, just the way Freddie wants it.

Julianne Demse-Manly Reply

Lord help us 🤦‍♀️🙇‍♀️ 🙏

abdul smith Reply

Thev never lost to a AFC north team LETS GO CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!!!

alloyrat Reply

Too many hammies in the secondary.

MultiKushie Reply

The bandwagoners show themselves every video. We confident . We got it

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