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no Sam Darnold

Jimbo Bimbo

Darnold is out for the Monday night game and I pretty sure they say Bell is having a MRI. So good chance there both out. Go Browns

    Recondite Red

    Yeah and I’m still picking the Jets to WIN!

    Jesse Tumpak

    “They’re both out”***

Recondite Red

STOP TRYING TO PUT LIPSTICK ON A PIG! The Browns are TRAIN WRECK! Freddie Kitchens is completely unqualified to be a head coach, the defense is TERRIBLE, the players don’t care at all about winning, and Baker Mayfield throws 3 interceptions EVERY GAME! Sam Darnold is out for the Jets with mono and I am STILL picking the Jets to beat the Browns! I believe a hell of a lot more in Trevor Siemien than I do Baker Mayfield and Freddie Kitchens!


    Jesse Tumpak that takes talent!

    Jesse Tumpak

    @Kiah_thedoll I’d bet he has had a whole lot of practice.

    Memyself Here

    @Fareed Abdullah He’s right tho…

    Ivo B

    Here is the attention you so desperatly seek


    Did you take your mood stabilizers yet??

Tevin Prejean

Let’s go browns , get this win dawgs !!!


Baker knows how to play against a Greg Willaims coached defense, he practiced against one all last year. Let’s get it! #Browns

    Rare_Breed _901

    Yea but Gregg running a new scheme in New York plus Gregg a Master at confusing QB’s look what hs did to Brees last year

Tom Hawley

No Sam ……no starter WR, bell is knicked…….GO BROWNS……play smashmouth football…..


the browns are done the titan’s said it best they are who we thought they were the only one to crown them are browns fan and media they have done nothing and i wont be shocked if they miss the playoffs again

Rare_Breed _901

Is we lose Monday with Darnold out our season will be over and we won’t win 7 Games

    Memyself Here

    BUT you will get that first pick in the draft! …….. again for the 100th time.


    They can’t correct the crap they should us last Sunday in one week.

Memyself Here

Well if Darnold and Bell are out should be a good day for you guys…

Mary Smith

After the Tennessee game I hope the browns got there heads right.

Dan Donovan

Go Brown’s #one hand land


Baker is finished–too much money and fame which he could not handle. A Texas idiot.

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