Bart Starr honored at halftime of Packers-Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lenny Krauss

What a Great Franchise

Claudia LeFevre-Lowry

How wonderful. I remember it all! When they and we were young and those memories are the best!!

    The last straight Standing


Steve B.

Go Pack Go!! What a wonderful legacy Bart Starr left in Green Bay.

Brennen Clark

Not even a Packers fan, but I loved this. He will always be a legend to me. Alabama legend for sure. #RollTide

B Dawg

Damn onions

Hulking War Machine

That’s a wonderful thing

Old Timer Dave

I think you tube needs a LOVE button now….. A job well done Packers…. Proud to have been a fan for 62 years and hoping for 62 more


Win the Super Bowl for Bart!


Get the F*** outta Green Bay, Roger Goodell!!

Eric Thompson

So glad the Packers won this game.


Something very poignant seeing those gladiators hobble onto field, racked by time but warriors all.

brayden finch

i’m not crying… you are!

The Bud Man

This is why Im a packer fan. Well. Not the only reason… But. I just love the class…

Vince McMahon

Jesus it got dusty in here real quick.

JC Edwards

Bart Starr ….. THE G*O*A*T ……. we love you too Miss Cherry!

G.m. Strong

What a touching moment. You don’t have to a fan of the Packers to understand this occasion for the legendary Bart Starr. Respect to those who saw a warrior on the grid iron no matter what team you root for.

James Barlow

Pencilpusher Murphy shouldnt be allowed on the field


Cherry Starr such a classy lady more young people could learn from her.

Jeff Reed

I never seen Bart Starr play besides classic videos but i heard he was great so thank u Bart Starr for help making my favorite team great an help makint them title town such a wonderful franchise i love the Green Bay Packers an the Packers won yesterday for Bart Starr an his family i wanted to say thank u Kevin King for making the game saving INT the Vikings had 1 an goal an Kevin King so no we aint losing on Bart Starr day


One of those very happy, very sad moments in life. We love you Bart!


Holy Smokes is she a shorty

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