Barkley Breaks Free to Set Up Engram TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrei Solzhenitsyn

I beat you lil mistyque


This dude is the next Barry Sanders no cap

    Niklaus Meissner

    No where near

Escocivo 30

Barkley is going to carry the Giants

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

    Escocivo 30 Nah. Carrying implies they we’d be winning but he’ll sure try

    nick bas

    @troy smith he only had 11 touches?

    troy smith

    @nick bas I am talking for the season

too many men on the field

Barkley is a beast

Mystic 8

Saquon is the best

Imperial Biscuit

Mother was so excited for this play that she unintentionally thunder clapped resulting in a royal soiling

    clit licker

    Imperial Biscuit so sorry to hear she soiled herself 😢

Josue Tejada

Barkley is basically the Giants offense

    Nash Scheber

    Did you not see Evan Engram today ? He was a big part of the offense

Webster Kollie

Man amongst boys 😤💪🏾

Yeng Vang

Elliot vs Barkely… more like emmitt Smith vs Barry Sanders 2.0

Loyal Philly fan

This man Barkley is gonna be hard to stop for some years.


    He’s so fast yet he got caught from behind lol

    Daniel Mocsny

    @MrSPIDEY21 – defenders don’t always get the angle on him. But by that point he’s chewed up most of the field anyway.

Mike Kyeame

Skip bayless: if u take away saquons longest run……

    BB Clover 2010

    Mike Kyeame I hate when people say that. you can’t just take away their biggest run because they had it. and he has one every game it’s not just a fluke

Fabian T

Saquan Barkley be laughing On Ezzekiel Elliot Contract


    Why would Barkley be laughing at Zekes contract lol Barkley isn’t gonna get paid like that anytime soon

    brah sitdownson

    hes licking his chops looking at that contract cause he knows hes worth more

Your Uncle Ismail

One of Penn State’s finest. We miss you Saquon.

Jon Davis

I’m very bothered by wtf team the cowboys have this year and I didn’t know about

SmithN' Wesson

He is the best RB in the NFL. Period.

    Lee Watkins

    He is not 😭😂😂😂

    Jennifer Bonilla

    Zeke is definitely that


Barkley might make people think of someone other than Charles before long


    I bet he hates playing for the giants


Cowboys: Hold my beer
Me: Cowboys 35-10

    Versatile Kid

    Dang predicted score

    Lost Timing

    Close enough 🤷‍♂️


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Ultimate TimeBreaker

Giants forgot what defense is wth their defense sucks

Jung Wook Ro

I can’t believe Shurmur stopped going to Barkley after this play. Come on coach! 1 yard to go, game slipping away, and you got the best RB in the league but you hand it to Eli Penny?

Lebron James

Barkley is going to have around 260 carries like last year, around 75 catches. He will be used more in 2020, when Daniel Jones plays. I think they will draft a WR next year, possibly Jerry Jeudy, then a OT in round 2. They will have around 70-80 cap space next season to sign LB’s & DB’s on defense.

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