Banks on Tape: Breaking Down the Key Plays from Giants vs. Vikings | Week 6 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lebron James

We really drafted Sterling Shepard over Michael Thomas. BIG L

    wayne wynter

    Wait what…we did lmao!

    Juan Lopez

    Keep it up with this concussions he be out of the league soon they coming in frequently 2 in what 3 weeks.

Gage Dimdiman

Would’ve been a different game if DJ didn’t overthrow Sterling Shepard twice for clear TDs. All good onto the next!

    EVO X

    He didn’t he got pressure … did you watch the game ??

    Gage Dimdiman

    Overthrown twice and yes there was a couple drops. Those first ones could’ve changed the game though that’s all.
    Our defense needs the most work. Unfortunately we are dealing with injuries but still got to find solutions because QBs have tearing us up! (Other then the redskins that don’t count)


    couple drops?? the receivers were horribleeee all game too many balls hit the floor not a single tough catch. OBJ woulda had 300 yards yesterday

    RD2 4

    @loopy obj would’ve been dropping also he’s gone good


    Daniel Jones could EASILY have 10 interceptions in the 3 games he played. He’s lucky the defenders were dropping interceptions. His luck won’t last. He could’ve had 4 in this game and 3 in the game before that. And if you add in the fumbles, he’s a turnover machine. If you pop this QB in the mouth and put pressure on him, he isn’t very good. He’s average against below average defenses. He’ll choke against solid defenses. Should have beefed up that offensive line and kept Eli as your starter. Clearly, that #6 draft pick could have went to improving the secondary or the o line. There was no reason to draft a QB at #6 if Eli was going to be your man in week #1. Can’t win against good teams if you have no defense AND no offensive line.


Shepard out again with a 2nd concussion.


We did not had a bad day the Vikings defense is dangerous sterling is out

Dhruv Shrotriya

now show the defense… oh wait


Why GIANTS didn’t keep playing like that??? 😠😠😠😠😠 that was good football right there

Oldboy G

Good breakdown but look again and you will see that DJ threw the ball to the middle of the end zone with the safety bearing down as opposed to the left side of the end zone where no defender could come close to making a play on the ball.

Dorian Bernard

That just about sums up the highlight of that game for the Giants 😂

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