Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins Preseason Week 4 Highlights 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
king shark

Dammm mack attack was getting screwed, refs was calling all his good throws back on some shady calls, dude could have been 20 of 25 around 225yd.

Wheeeew, we got a highway robbery with trace mcsorley, and well, hat’s off to decosta and the scout team, we found some really good young talent this year.

We definitely going to defend that afc north crown, and our guys are season ready, got the hits and get hits in, we ready for flight.

Young , fresh , fly and talented we are, awwwwwwrk

    king shark

    @Larenzo Simmons . 😎 , we need to get a letter campaign to the league office to get these shady azz refs off our back.

    The league trying to stall us.

    Larenzo Simmons

    @king shark the RAVENS are the Black SHEEP of the league so I’m not surprised

    king shark

    @Larenzo Simmons , it’s been looking like that, plus something strange, last yr the league was all hype and put our games on primetime to showcase Lamar, guess they wanted to see him do good or be proved a bust.

    This yr, the league and people trying to curb us , acting like we not even the division champs, and we out here winning vs the 13th man (the refs) lol

    Larenzo Simmons

    @king shark they always disrespect the RAVENS bruh but makes it that much sweeter when the RAVENS win!

    king shark

    @Larenzo Simmons yep, and we winning this year, got a nice fast and strong team.

Ravens Review

Enough preseason. I’m ready!


I won’t be shocked if we got 3 QB’s this season.

    BaM BaM Cam 22

    We did last year

    Brandon Grimsley

    I definitely seeing us getting rid of rg3 but it’s possible we keep him. Trace definitely needs some work. He’s had some good throws but he’s not that consistent

    Ron Edward

    @Brandon Grimsley he has the most experience of the three, and that’s what we need in a backup and mentor for Lamar.

    Brandon Grimsley

    Ron Edward I definitely see that’s one of the reasons we keep him on the roster but I feel like that’s the only reason. He’s not the best right now and he’s so injury prone

    Joaquin Soto

    Or like 10 running backs

The Funny ish Christian Mays

Ohhhhhh that blocked punt was awesome

Sam Wyse

The common raven (Corvus corax), also known as the northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird. Found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids.




How fitting that the Ravens win their 17th pre-season game in a row against the Redskins, the same team the 1972 Dolphins beat in the Superbowl to complete their perfect 17-0 season

    Aiden Counterman

    villen weird right lmao

Sheck Jesus

our preseason dynasty lives on

Nesly Merat

McSorley is an absolute Beast I said it before and I’m saying it again the the man is an absolute Beast he is so fun to watch. And d’lance Turner been making every touch count he looking good running the ball.

    D Sr. Davis

    Yep, they need to use he and Lamar this season


To all redskin fans who thought…

Butch Cassidy



Did they play this game underwater?

    I Said What I Said

    The quality of this video is so trash

Brax Honey

We are ready for reg season now 😊

BaM BaM Cam 22

Alaka, Scott, and mcsorely all locks now imo

Brandon Teal

💜#Thank you Team Ravens

Jake YT

we won all of our pre seasons so far

James Siegert

Billion-dollar organization can only upload in 240p?

Iyan Campbell

We had our second and third strings in this game lmaoo #Ravens


This video 240p video quality is beneath me. My eyes deserve better

Patrick Lainchbury

Once again, unbeatable in the preseason.


HTTR- Hail to the Ravens 😈🔥

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