Baltimore Ravens vs.Pittsburgh Steelers Week 5 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jerry Pore Jr.

I got the Steelers winning this game!

    Andrew Essien

    Jerry Pore Jr. me to

J Stiles

I got the Ravens by ten like 27-17 and Lamar Jackson you better come through too

Zach K

Here we go Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!! Baltimore is falling they lost to the Browns in Baltimore.

    Andrew Essien

    Zach K here we go Steelers


This game is for the steelers, ravens don’t have defense. 26-20

Brent Moretz

Steelers will put at least 30 points on the Ravens because Ravens has one of if not the worst defense in the NFL.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Bengals defense is way worse


Rudolph is gonna throw for 300+ and Conner will rush for 150 and 2 TD

    chipmunkspreferchocolate 1

    Micah and Lamar will go 250+ passing and 100+ rushing for the Ravens Win!

Steve BRNR

24-21 Ravens

Pix Burgh

Steelers offense just needs to stay creative. Ravens D isnt great this year so just keep moving the ball again and wear em down. Both teams really need this win

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Ravens need to win, they can’t lose 3 in a row!

dopesmoke 247

Tj watt gonna be a beast on the field

    Andrew Essien

    dopesmoke 247 yes he will

Lane Micheal

the steelers will win with ease

Doc Brown

Ravens 23
Steelers 26

    Andrew Essien

    Doc Brown yes indeed

Brett Kennedy

Let’s go Steelers!!!!!!

    Andrew Essien

    Brett Kennedy that’s right

zmon 8426

Ravens win 20-14

Jerry Junior

The Defense of whichever team is key to victory, I got the Ravens 24 Steelers 17


If the Steelers play lights out Defense like the last two weeks and the steelers run the ball opening up deep passes. The steelers are going to win.

artattack jack

Steelers win they could easily be on top of the division when they finally meet the browns. Browns mights have lost 3 by then maybe 4 and the ravens might win only maybe 2 games at that point. If that happens the steelers might finish 10-6 amazingly even 9-7 might win the division. Dont expect much . Maybe one win in the playoffs but wont be an exciting one

Stan ezen

Could go either way even with 1-3 Pittsburgh. These rivals play strong against one another. Who wins? My take?:


Andrew Essien

Steelers are going to be 2-3

Drew Wilson

MJD always picking against the Steelers

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