Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Escocivo 30

Ravens defense dominates fitzception
Ravens 31
Dolphins 3

    J Stiles

    Dayum,I didn’t see that coming but okay

    Kyle Krause

    Miami Dolphins defense will continue intercepting as well though

    try hard check

    U suck kid

Michael Wilmer

This will be a great game. 1st view

Heso Melo

I hope Fitzmagic goes off but I don’t see it

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I thought Rosen was starting

    Mike C.

    1:2 TD to INT ratio with him

    Daniel Alejandro Barrera Campos

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Honestly Fitzmagic is my non-seahawks favorite player.

    I even play in Madden with the Phins even the rest of the roster is trash.

Charlie G

Will power be restored to the stadium in time after the Hurricane?


    Charlie G didn’t even touch Miami so yea

    Charlie G

    ThePeruvianDawg Ok good

    Marky Mark

    Probably already back on..storm teams go out during the storms and start working

Danny Woo

I have the Ravens winning, cuz the Dolphins r in a rebuilding mode. The only way the Dolphins win is if Fitzception is good.

    Daniel Alejandro Barrera Campos

    If Fitzmagic plays It would be close.

    If Fitzception plays It would end in the 1st quarter.

    try hard check

    Nope we beat the saints who always beat the ravens

Go Gators

I’m a Dolphins fan but let’s be real they’re picking in top 3 of 2020 draft

    Deon Lawrence

    Top 2 more likely.Let’s just hope some of these games don’t get out of hand.

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

This ones going to be interesting

Pontiac Jaye Gaming

MJD really think the dolphins wont even score a field goal? I liked him as a player but his predictions suck lmao

    dylhan flores

    Pontiac Jaye Gaming ok that was with an offensive mined head coach and they couldn’t even score 7.

    Clash Of The Horns

    Delete your post bro

    Pontiac Jaye Gaming

    @dylhan flores ok just to confirm the three of you think the dolphins will score 0 points on Sunday. We will revisit this post after that and I want the same energy

    Dan Hand

    Pontiac Jaye Gaming to think we’ll not even score a touchdown is bullshit


Crazy how Miami will somehow score 40 points with Fitzpatrick despite having like 4 receivers, 2 linemen, and a broomstick

    Troy Mathis

    IIIHybridIII L

Stan ezen

Dolphins have a fresh new roster line. Ravens come off a chargers loss in the playoffs. My take?



    No one cares about your take because you suck at predictions

goodtrax 1673


Dolphins: 34
Ravens: 20

    try hard check

    @Sup hater

    try hard check

    @Rick X sure u r a dolphin fan

    try hard check

    @dylhan flores shut up

    Rick X

    @try hard check 100% 🐬 fan but I’m also a realist, I know Miami’s capabilities. We’ll start to be a threat once we get a franchise QB. Until than I’ll root for them win or lose, like I’ve been doing for the last 25 years. 🤣🤣 Fins up 🐬

    Rick X

    But if Miami wins great! 🤣

S2K_ Blitz

Let’s be real the ravens r a true contender while dolphins r rebuilding they didn’t know who their QB is for the future and they traded for Rosen which is weird I thought they would go with Rosen atleast

    Right Left Paradigm

    S2K_ Blitz put Lamar Jackson and the Ravens defense on your fantasy for week 1.


    They dont want to have Rosen killed in week 1

    clarence smith

    Everyone going for the ravens will look like 😳 at 4:00 book it

    Django_The_ Collector

    They ain’t gunna just throw him in…. terrible Oline plus a new system. I give him week 6 and he’ll get the start


    clarence smith get a brain kid

Dominic Neal

The dolphins havent done so well against the ravens can’t see that changing now

just bored

I don’t like this version of match up to look forward 2

king shark

Wheeew, bmo 1st trap game, this game is a big test, can bmore, crush a down team,

Or, can a young new England protege coach shock bmore, with some wild scheme.

But Miami playing for next year 1st pick. …. bmore 34 , Miami 6

gabriel grover

My dolphins are going to get toasted.

    try hard check

    Nope i dont

    try hard check

    @Oh yeah yeah o hell no boltmore turn to get toasted

    try hard check

    @Kyle Krause dont worry miami win most probably win

    Oh yeah yeah

    @try hard check im not about to argue with dolphins fans 😆 its the dolphins the team who most likely picking first next year and we will see in sunday.

Nightmare Kilo

There won’t be any designed runs for Lamar plz don’t use that narrative

martin jabari

Glad NFL is back especially as a Kiwi lol Ravens 34-7 Dolphins

5lime 5eason

Playing the dolphins this year is gonna be like playing 11 on 0

Bill Yates

I can’t wait until Miami shocks everybody and takes the win over Baltimore Sunday!

    Deon Lawrence

    could happen.remember the year Miami went 1- 15 and their only win was against the ravens? so there is history there.

    try hard check

    @Deon Lawrence nope mia will probably will win

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