Baltimore Ravens Vs. Arizona Cardinals Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baltimore Ravens Vs. Arizona Cardinals Highlights

Baltimore Ravens defeat Arizona Cardinals 23-17.

Tune in next Sunday as we take on the Chiefs at 1 p.m. on CBS.

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Jot Jolt

Hollywood rookie of the year🔥

    zane brown

    Wtd MRD I’m saying it’s not likely to be a receiver is my point that’s a QB running back award like the mvp

    The Fly Generation


    Kazine Kelly

    @zane brown but if Kyler cant win games then he wont win it because an important stat is wins same for Jacobs its just like winning MVP you can have a fabolous season but they will always chose the player who has the most wins

    zane brown

    Kazine Kelly saqaun won rookie of the year last year …….

    james baldwins

    If Hollywood keeps catching bombs like that he will win it

Slick Reynolds

Couldn’t see it hope it live had to watch red zone that was only coming up for kyler

    Tyrone Savage


Brax Honey

We about to win the Superbowl with our eyes close

10 million Subscribers no video challenge

Both of them going to face off in a Superbowl watch QBs of the future

    Iceberg Slim

    yung tralif…….he didn’t say the cardinals would win😂😂

    Michael Atkins

    Young tariff they were a Mike Wallace play from winning one already int might take another decade or two

    Gregory White

    Not happening sorry 😐. Kyla’s will not be in a super bowl. Just being honest. Lamar on the other hand…….Yes

    The Puppet Masters

    @Michael Atkins Santonio Holmes wasn’t it?

Sol MD

I get the hype over Kyler Murray, he did play well, but the Ravens secondary didn’t seem to have the best communication today and receivers were wide open for huge chunks

    Team Dirt

    We also had 12 men on field twice in the same drive

    D 3


    YAYarea 510

    once jimmy comes back we gucci …. but you right ….fitz got open for huge gains on miscommunication all day.

    Kevin Cabrera

    Seeing these highlights and the game, it looks like TJ was off his game completely


    Typical defensive play for baltimore against a not elite offense they will definately turn it up for the ciefs but i hope it is enough to let lamar have the ball longer

Tyrone Savage

The catch at the end to Hollywood was so hype

    king shark

    Yeaaaaaap, I just rewind’d that like ten times. Geez that was wild tough.

    D 3

    Remember they said he couldn’t throw outside of the numbers? …..He’s proving them wrong every week!!!!

Ya Land

He’s not the next Vick. He’s the only Lamar Jackson!!

    Eric Smith


    Jay Whales



    I’ll 7th that. 🍻

    Lil Grizzz

    Def the next Vick

Ravens Review

Baltimore had secondary issues and some miscues on offense, but good effort overall. Enjoyable game.


    yeah, I agree… secondary looked suspect in a lot of those plays, but still good though

    Jarard Thomas

    I really hope that secondary defense tightens up.

Gaza Boi

The next excuse is harbough is a great coach and is changing the offense for lamar… just last year colin said lamar would have a new head coach by this time this year because of him .. point I’m trying to make is nothing,there is no number, no pass Jackson can throw and the closet haters racist or not will give him credit

    Thomas Armour

    Gaza Boi I mean just cause they’re haters doesn’t mean they’re also racist but I agree Lamar has been dope


    Thomas Armour I mean a good amount of haters probably just say the stuff cause he’s black

    Sam Munoz

    Why would you say racist I think the people that always go to race are the actual closet racist

    Nightmare Kilo

    @Sam Munoz nah bro the main ones that hate on him are racist don’t try to excuse the race card it was used right in this situation

    Sam Munoz

    Nightmare Kilo where are you getting this from when has anybody said something even close to being racist


Earl is still good but looks more cautious in terms of how he’s playing. Not at full speed on some plays but still a playmaker.

james baldwins

baker mayfield gave this video it’s only dislike….

    johnny williams

    Greatest comment ever

    Nesly Merat

    And Javaris Landry breshad perriman and Odell Beckham lol🤣🤣


    I see Kareem Hunt joined the dislike party as well. 🤡🤡🤡

    El - Amin

    @ThatIntaminGuy wait until Big Ben and Mike Tomlin see it😂🤣

    james baldwins

    @El – Amin lmao.. yeah the haters are here for sure!

shawn frank

Lamar is a real qb I’m glad he didn’t go to db


Anthony Averett, Tony Jefferson, Cyrus Jones all struggled in the secondary. Not good, especially with the upcoming Chiefs. Good win tho. Go Ravens!

    Javon b

    They weren’t great today but I give kyler murray a lot of credit

    king shark

    True, but better to be raggedy today and get our wake up call, … I’m sure they will be tighten up for next week.

    But you right, today would have gotten us dragged vs kc.

stache 97

you guys show the cardinals highlights as well, this is why i love this organization💜🖤

Troy Mathis

Secondary and Oline need to tighten up. Too many penalties, bad run blocking, and too many lapses in coverage. This can’t happen next week in KC

    The Fly Generation

    Right. I hope its just early season issues. We wont win if the D plays next week like they did today

    Troy Mathis

    The Fly Generation a lot of new players on D so I knew it would be some miscommunication early in the season. It’s a good thing we had two easy opponents. But Tavon and Jimmy being injured ain’t good either

    The Fly Generation

    @Troy Mathis True. We needed Some confidence building games. We can get it done its going to be very hard tho. I think we should keep KCs offense off the field with runs to limit there opportunities and help our gelling D That way.


    The Fly Generation Well put my brother. Our secondary will HAVE to get right before we run it with Kansas. Mahomes will be a big problem. I do feel like if our d line put enough pressure he’ll make mistakes. Regardless it’s gonna one hell of a game!

Jace Woods

Lj8 just Balled out! Can’t wait till everybody dissects this one 💯🔥😎

Ron Edward

I’m starting to think the Ravens secondary is not the strongest group on our defense. Not yet anyway.

    The Fly Generation

    We not tight knit at all

    Mike Curtis

    Injuries can be brutal.

    Sam Munoz

    Earl still needs to gel with his teammates and hopefully Jimmy comes back strong they’ll be alright. Don’t know about next week though

    Clint Walker

    They have injuries dude. Tavon Young is out for the year and Jimmy Smith didn’t even play. These back ups they bring in from the practice squad ain’t the same.


    Missing jimmy and tayvon hurts our secondary. I’m worried about next week


I was there…when Hollywood caught that ball in the 4th the place went bananas!!! #ravensnation

    Rezzo Jr

    Me too we went nuts!!!!!! on Arizona last two drives was crazy!!!


Like if glad we got Lamar and Hollywood

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