Baldy Film Breakdown: What Makes Lamar Jackson So Good – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Julian Shipp Jr

Glad Lamar is proving the haters wrong 💯


    Julian Shipp Jr same profile pick btw!

    Julian Shipp Jr

    @Skydemon1 that’s what’s up 😈😈

    Matthew Bittenbender

    Anyone still hating on LJ hasn’t woken up in 2019. Last year was a different story and we always are good on his throne. It looks as good as Patrick Mahomes ever did. Those two are the future rivalry of the AFC!

Nathaniel Durfee


1) he’s learned how to pass, so you can’t play 8 men in the box with nothing but simple coverages
2) he can still run, so you have to honor that every single play. This makes it harder in both the passing and running games for the defense,
3) he has actual weapons this season that will make plays.
4) Greg Roman is crafting gameplans that take advantage of all 3 above points to make defenses even more confused

Finlay Openshaw

We want Jalen Ramsey

    Lion Thomas

    They said the Ravens were 1 of 6 teams to inquire about RAMSEY 🤷🏿‍♂️

    atl lou

    The ravens only get players on the clearance rack

    Matthew Cooper

    @inVIZOble who cares

    Matthew Cooper

    @RavensGunney omg its just a name


    @Mattress Pooper you know, now that I think about it…you’re right, its just a name. 🤣

Leroy Worsley

Greg Roman is a Awesome OC! GO RAVENS!!

    Brian Heim

    East Bmore checking in, Let’s go Ravens!!!

    The Puppet Masters

    What he’s doing is being so underrated this season. I can’t think of a single play where Roman didn’t pick the correct play for 2 whole games! Really hope we can lock him up to stay here with Lamar for at least 3 more years!

    Leroy Worsley

    @The Puppet Masters I hope Greg Roman stays for a long time too!

Dell Pacino

Damn I miss NFL Playbook! Can we get a Ravens specific series w Ken McKusick?? PLEASE!!!

    Pee jones

    Dell Pacino I miss it also. All we have now is a whole lot of people talking with useless opinions

Austin Horne

“Here he does a little dip-si-do!” Haha wtf

king shark

Shyt, off the jump, look at Jackson work that no back set, … ehhhhhhhh my stomach curls, thinking, had we went no huddle in the second half in the playoffs last year, we would have beat the chargers.

Dammmm, … Baltimore in no back sets, is just havoc for other teams defenses, because lamar is the run threat, and …. ooooo man, hope to see more of it, and not just on predictable passing downs.

    Lion Thomas

    🤔 no back sets!!!! I like, Lamar is the run threat and you can put all speed on the field 👍

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas …. “and you can put all the speed on the field” ….. well fkn said, and wild is, we haven’t even done that yet, imagine, switching out the tight ends and running backs for Roberts and Scott. … ooooo L’t we got fire and not even all the way lit yet.

A J C Sr

Nice breakdown Baldy !
It’s nice to be a Ravens fan who’s exited to watch our “offense” for a change ..!

    Gregor Grant Ellis



    Bruhhh, here here!!! That Flacco offense was tough to watch. Except for playoff Joe lol

A-hammer C

He’s a greatly gifted athlete that can actually play QB

Lion Thomas

Ravens could very well win the AFC, G-Ro’s spacing with those routes and blocking Scheme and the Superior athleticism we had on offense should be them a top, most of the other teams are stuck in the past as far as style

Charles Henshaw

Awesome breakdown. This offense is only getting started.

Carlos Chavez

0 dislikes cause they know Lamar was perfect and the breakdown was perfect

    Taylor Hairfield

    4 dislikes because the American education system is a failure


Love the last part of the video, no need to take those shots Lamar, go out of bounds and keep making the defense upset that they can’t square off on you.


    Plus there’s always the chance the other team might make the mistake out of frustration and push him after he steps out.


That little headfake by Hollywood at :30 is so nasty, he barely fakes left at all and by the time the CB recovers he’s already had three steps to the right… kid is gonna be SPECIAL special


Im sure Harbaugh and Roman are drilling that slide first mentality into him. I expect him to get better at avoiding unnecessary hits as the year goes on.

Ravens Elite 20

If anyone watched him in Louisville we already knew he could make amazing throws from the pocket and out of the pocket.




2:25 to 2:27 look how much ground he can cover

Blacc R

The two dislikes are somebody’s who’s upset they never made quarterbacc!!! He’ll continue to prove haters and critics wrong!!! If you pay attention, you’ll see Lamar is his worst critic!!! Get ready to see the Lamar and the Ravens as you seen in the Miami game, against any team!!! For a long time!!! The wagon is full, no band wagoners!!! StarVation Ravens Nation!!! Stand tall ✊🏾✊🏻

Bay is Bae

Underrated Detail: Jackson’s ball fakes are amazingly good

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