Baker Mayfield’s leadership & fantasy football advice | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 52 FULL) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baker Mayfield’s leadership & fantasy football advice | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 52 FULL)

August is all about fantasy football, and Chris and Paulie B. have Rotoworld expert Josh Norris on set to deal out draft advice. Who are this year's Patrick Mahomes & Alvin Kamara? But first, we dive into some reality…should the Cowboys prioritize Dak's contract over Zeke's? And what do we think of Baker Mayfield yelling at his receivers?

-(4:30) Chris gives inside info on the Trent Williams trade rumors

-(7:20) Which contract should the Cowboys prioritize: Dak Prescott or Ezekiell Elliott?

-(15:50) Storytime: when holdouts get ugly

-(21:35) Breaking down Baker Mayfield's leadership style

-(26:00) The best leader Simms ever played with

-(30:05) Is Andrew Luck's latest injury cause for concern?

-(44:10) Chris gripes about fantasy football

-(46:45) Is Kyler Murray a Top 10 fantasy QB?

-(52:05) Is Lamar Jackson a steal at QB15?

-(58:50) Should you draft Saquon Barkley or Ezekiel Elliott 1st overall?

-(1:05:40) Which mid-tier RB should you "buy buy buy buy buy!"

-(1:07:40) Why Antonio Brown isn't a Top 5 WR

-(1:14:45) Two mid-tier TE who could explode in great offenses

-(1:19:45) Players you shouldn't draft

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Fabian Edwards



Quinnen Williams: Kyler Murray is…

    Eden Fesi

    He also said Kyler was the best QB he faced all last year.


    @Eden Fesi never said that he didn’t I just thought it was funny that he didn’t want to finish that sentence lol

R. Jonesy

This might be my favorite Pod

Fred Giggleberry

Please don’t bring this rotoworld guy back. He knows nothing about football.

    Kevin Johnson

    I agree

    Butch Davis

    What? He literally just gave a great breakdown of why AB isn’t a top 5 fantasy WR. Its about how fantasy value works not real time

Cole Akimoff

It is very annoying, disruptive, and distracting that you can hear other people having a conversation in the background of the podcast. Simms needs a recording studio or someplace that is quite and not the middle of a office lobby.

WolfHowl Games

Everyone defending mayfeild on how he speaks to wr ,try that week 3 when there 0-3 to a hard schedule and see if obj takes it


    browns will be 2-1 after week 3


Zeke would NOT be the reason the cowboys are playing in late January. Running the ball is variable and easy to shut down if you focus it. Just like how he ran 40 yards on 20 carries against the Rams and Dak almost brought them back in it. The defense will be the reason why 100%

Willie Johnson

Hahahahaa. Leadership. Yelling at his guys. The IT factor. He is so honest. They will talk about anything and everything except what matters. Is Baker a winner? Can Baker win?

Kent J

Ditch the ghost and alien garbage.

Willie Johnson

The fantasy segment was some of the best analysis I’ve heard on football in a long long time. Too much of analysis has turned into gossip and hype. Fantasy takes a coldhearted realistic look at the abilities of the players, actually credit qbs for their rushing yardage, and comes up with reasonable projections as to how well a player will perform. This one show made PFF look like a joke.

Chris still can’t get let his joke of a qb ranking go. He just does not like Lamar as a qb but true to form was finding every excuse in the world to pump up his boy Allen. Chris used to be good. Now he’s just sport talk fluff.

Vaughan Moore

Burmeister needs to be permanent host already

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