Baker Mayfield’s 1st TD Drive of the Season! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baker Mayfield’s 1st TD Drive of the Season!

Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb take it to the house on their first touchdown drive in 2019. The Tennessee Titans take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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JB 1994

Im glad fans like that guy in the stands can drink Bud Light in Cleveland now

    Live Streaming

    VER :
    Assistir Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns En Vivo


    What does what kind of beer matter?


    12 to 6 Titans

    Mike James

    Gonna need a lot of them after all this hype comes crumbling down. Baker was horrific.


good luck this year Cleveland! – pit fan


    Yaahboi52 i’m a giants fan and i’m voting for them too!

    Captain Rex

    Bengals fan and Im cheering them on too!

    Cory Roberts

    Very classy sir *tips cap*

keith Morgan

You know Cleveland is relevant again when Jim nance and Tony Romo are calling thier game

    Two Face 773

    @PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW exactly

    Two Face 773

    @Chris W lmao

    Jordan Davis

    keith Morgan they aren’t check the final score

    Sumerian Phalanx

    When was again ?

    RAF Simmons

    mrbill806 don’t CBS shows Giants and Jets games in New England?


Looking good boys. I can hear the roar from here just about 20 miles away.

Helghan_ 3valve

Hows the rest working out for them lol

S2K_ Blitz

And they haven’t scored since 😂

    Browns Fan

    Penalties are holding us back bad.

    Captain Dyslexia


    Mike Roagression

    Browns Fan Baker’s ints is holding the team back. He has more multiple interception games than multiple touchdown games. I believe in the next 4 games we will see if y’all got a franchise or a bust. A franchise he’s throwing multiple tds against ravens, pats and rams, if it’s a bust it will be the other way around. Mark my words. The next 4 games will determine if he’s a bust or not.

Thomas Moore

The factory of sadness returns. 10- 6 at halftime

    memphis bdogzofcourse

    Preach it brother 🙌


    36-13 in the 4th. Same ol Browns

    AT Tatara


    Two Face 773

    @AT Tatara lmao

    Zach M

    kanimo24 Yep, same old Brown’s. Looks like all that hype didn’t help them

The Last Sane American

Appears to be the only time they’ll score on this game..

B Rus

Browns still taking an L today though

    Einstein -D

    Random Seahawks hater. . You’re losing to the Bengals 🤣🤣

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Einstein -D Did we? 👀 21-20 cry baby.

jonski vasaquez

And in other news…

Antonio brown signed with the patriots😎😎😎😎😎

    Vadim WhiteWolf

    jonski vasaquez yeet

Anthony Russell

Same old browns definitely not on Baltimore level!all the pre hype for nothing

JayTheNonPerfectOne -

Lol titans have 36 browns have 13 #TITANUP

Eugene Rollins

The Browns different team same results 3-13

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

LMAO Browns lost to Titans 43-13. I love it, all that hype for nothing. Still same ol’ trash Browns. Those delusional fans thought they were a Superbowl team too lolololo


Guess the browns were just a bunch of hype. 43 to 13 lol

alfred ndlovu

OBJ is really playing with a $350k watch on. The drip is just different. 🤷‍♂️💧

mike miller

Do you think if the Browns would apologize the Johnny would consider returning?

Kane From Milton

I think the Baker Mayfields will double their win total from last year – 4 whole wins!!!!

Leggo My Leggo

Imagine how well the browns would have played if they were not playing the scrub Titans.

Terry Scott

Yeap, they are who i thought they were. Same old browns, garbage.

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