Baker Mayfield: We Need To Execute Our Job First | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bro just play better

Hayden Watson

Love baker and Jarvis and obj

Queshawn Fort

Baker need to make his way down field more often

Bun Bun

Biggest bust since Johnny

    white towel boys

    Baker has a bounce back tho.

    IHit Gaming

    Bun Bun nope its all the o-line

Combat Vet Gaming

Baker needs to block the defenders, then throw the ball, and run and catch his own passes. He does that, Browns win.

No Name

The Oline needs to be better at blocking

Lilcubefalife Games

He needs to play better you have a wr having a better throwing game that you off of one completed reception..

Boss Killa

Maybe if you would complete at least more then 40% of your passes then the Receivers could do their job and the defense can stay healthy instead of getting gased because of your double INT games

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