Baker Mayfield: “We can be better overall as an offense” | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cereal Killer

Go Baker!

Crazy Joe

Go browns!!

adam lewis

I have no idea what you’re talking about 😂


    Remember that one time that one thing happened? what were your thoughts going through that?

    G Vell TV

    dgreenzalis I dUnNo 🤷‍♀️

Fishing With Phil

Heck yeah baker. Coach freddie up a little bit and let’s go win this thing.


Jets won’t play Darnold. Le’Veon Bell, Mosley, Quinnen Williams all questionable. This must translate to a win at home.


    cam Geeze not sure how I missed that.. my bad. Still must be a win with all that talent injured. 💯

    Craig Zombar

    hope this is essentially a practice game for us then (Jamal Adams will present a challenge of course). but missing those 4 key players ._. we gotta be salivating for this win.

    Stomping Peak

    No game is free. I think the jets backup is better than darnald tbh

    Edward Gaines

    @Ryan I thought you were being sarcastic for a second! 😅

    james baldwins


Leroy Xiong

Time for the Browns Dawg pound Monday prime time again whoo! Whoo! Go Browns!

Rase -iwnl-


Andreas Persson

Fix the corrections?!


    Baker’s on a whole different level man.


Just don’t screw up again.

    Edward Gaines

    Don’t worry. He grew his badass beard back again!

    Plus, you can’t get Mono when you’re married. I hope.

    Mike Roagression

    He will. He seems to be interception prone in the league after being able to avoid it in college


After hyping the Jets and the moves they made all this offseason, it was funny to watch Cowherd today bemoan how bad Darnold had it because the Jets were such a poor organization with so little talent surrounding him.

joga srinivasa

how many interceptions this time? It was Zero last time…..Hope you keep it the same.. all the best

    ramanjit gill

    joga srinivasa jets do have a decent defense. Mosley is a beast. If we can keep the turnovers to 1 or none we can win. We have to use the run game early dominate it and then open up the play action to our playmakers.

John Connor

Cut the crap Freddie and, protect Mayfield utilizing the pistol with an extra tackle. Stop with the air raid shotgun nonsense. Without a good O-line you have no air raid. And use OBJ as a deep threat (not across the middle routes which is where Landry and Njoku thrive).


    Danny Burch

    I agree.

    Mike Roagression

    has no choice but to use Odell that way…njoku is a fucking bum that cant catch

    Chad Shepherd

    Mike Roagression at least someone gets it. Stone hands.

    Mike Roagression

    Chad Shepherd he cNt catch he can’t block. I’d trade him for a chick fil a sandwich

Edward Gaines

Damn, looks like Baker’s first win of the season’s gonna be the Jets *AGAIN!*

BTW, where’d Tyrod Taylor go to?


    Edward Gaines the chargers

    Edward Gaines

    @selig7 Thanks! They’re a team to watch out for.

    james baldwins

    He went to a much better team

    Edward Gaines

    @james baldwins Don’t be too sure. The Chargers were pushed to OT!

Save the Geese

Baker gets better as his beard grows longer.

    Donoven Kelley

    His wife hates it. She’s gonna need to take 1 for the team.

forreal pat

Let’s ball player. BM
Got it together.

ramanjit gill

In Baker we trust!!!! Loyal browns fan since they came back. Born in 89. Watching them since 99. We shall see who are the loyal fans now after this first week loss. I think this was a good loss honestly. It will humble us. It will get us back together. The 190 yards of penalties obviously killed us. If we could of just cut those in half we had a chance to win. Baker forced the ball in the 4th trying to catch up from those penalties. The problems will be fixed and we will be 1 and 1. Let’s go Browns!!!

    Veliky Novgorod4

    I expected the loss to happen after so much over hyping.

Satan Devil

Shotgun the whole game🙏.

M Long

Lol I’ve no idea what you’re talking about… next!

Chone Greene

*Baker does great* – fans -> Baker a God, MVP!!!

*Baker has a rough game* – fans-> Bust, derrrrr he isn’t the QB1 for us! DERRRR!!!


    *Bandwagon fans


I wish they could do away with the background noise so you could understand and hear more clearly.

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