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Khyler Fredette Reply

Had jarvis landry for a touchdown on 3rd down, doesnt throw it to him and instead throws it into double coverage. Has a easy run up the middle for a touchdown on 4th down, doesnt take it. Doesnt help terrible play calling all night.

    Max Nikolenko Reply

    @Sean Smith look, once in a while is ok. In fact its a must. You have to mix it up. Keep the defense on edge. Cant do same thing all night. Hold the ball more than 3 seconds, and run to the right

    Frank Manco Reply

    @Andreas Persson He looks a little overweight to me, not in shape and slow.

    Jay S Reply

    Yes sir ur absolutely right!

    jake b Reply

    like i don’t know that much of football play calling and stuff except from madden lol but it was so obvious

    Khyler Fredette Reply

    Gotta say steve wilks and the defense did amazing. Other than the 3rd down on the goal line, they played great. The secondary stepped up even though most of the starters were out and myles garrett is still a beast. Joe schobert was everywhere too

Anthony Mcclain Reply

He needs to wake up feeling dangerous again, lol love my team though

    Jim Harris Reply

    @Enoch Zoldyck We don;t need your pity. A true Browns fan does not ” roll ” to another teem. As for Baker… if he’s a joke we will see who will be laughing come Dec.

    Anne Reply

    I love Baker. He just got married and has a full load on his mind and he loves football with all his heart. Trust an Okie that watched him game after game. Watch him beat Patrick QB for Kansas City when we played Texas Tech, and he is about the best there is. Please don’t give up on him. They came very close to winning last night and if they get rid of the unnecessary flags you will see the team grow fast. Remember the rams went to the SB last year. You all expect to much way to soon. He hasn’t played a full season of Ball yet for crying out loud. Love you Baker, A True Fan ! Boomer and go Cleveland a new fan !

d cline Reply

Baker had plenty of chances to run the ball for big yards, he’s playing way too conservative. I wanna see last year Baker”shake and bake”!

    Cedric James Reply

    @PIGGIES you mad mad trying to insult this is gold right here Talking about everything but…I’m just saying he’s slow I’m sorry I hurt your feelings guy 😂

    Cedric James Reply

    @PIGGIES did u not say take a chance and run. I wish I could screenshot and put images in here. I’m just saying he ain’t going to get far get over it. Lol

    Jay C Reply


Cosmo Kramer Reply

As a non browns fan I personally think all this is on Kitchens , he’s putting his offense and Baker In awful situations


    Cosmo Kramer serenity now
    serenity now…..

    Jr C Reply

    He and Todd Monken..

    Toxix Bob Reply

    we should’ve ran it at the end

    Jr C Reply

    @Toxix Bob Most DEFINITELY!..

    mark sims Reply

    @Jon Doe he got married, the danger is all gone

Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation Reply

You need to hit receivers that are open and quit holding the ball so long

    Nebula Reply

    @Mike Roagression nah, you’re just a troll… did baker did something to you at college? always hating on baker…

    Robert Smith Reply

    Not worried about Baker. He will rise above this. It’s a combination of things that lead to the offensive struggles. They’ll get them worked out. Just give them time. Young team at key leadership positions. We have great players, coaches and leaders. Give them time to develop. We’re still playoff bound and it’s the beginning of a run of great Browns teams. We’ll be beating teams soon that people don’t think we should beat.

    Edward Gaines Reply

    @Robert Smith Well the fan base has been waiting a long time. They should’ve at least pushed it to *OVERTIME.*

    CodnBF Reply

    Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation how can he when he has no time. If you watched the game last night, you’d see that the O line wasn’t getting him any protection in the pocket. He has less than 2.8 seconds before they were on him

    Edward Gaines Reply

    @CodnBF Hey, he knew the job was _dangerous_ when he took it. Needs to start acting like it again.

Dam Lam Reply

Freddie has to much on his plate give the play calling to someone else and coach. Maybe you’d challenge they pass int. To get your down back. Please DNT call a Hail Mary when Bake has 2 seconds or less to get rid of it. You guys are close I can see it . One more thing wtf is up with the penalties it kills your drives Everytime but 1 drive every game so far Go Browns

    Mike Roagression Reply

    this team is not close lol what are u talking about

    Dam Lam Reply

    @Mike Roagression oh yeah they are.. closer than two olive branches in a hurricane.

    sean mcnabb Reply

    Such a tired argument. 35yr old McVay doesn’t have a problem. Andy Reid, Sean Payton, etc. Freddie is in game 3. He needs to learn and grow just like the players.

colton low Reply

Baker doesn’t throw with confidence anymore. Please don’t let Monken and Freddie ruin him.

    james baldwins Reply

    He is a BUST. he just isn’t that good.

    Go Tribe! Reply

    This happens a lot with 2nd year qbs give him time to learn. We also need to give the o-line more time to gel. Kitchens needs more time to learn to be a head coach.

    james baldwins Reply

    @Go Tribe! it also happens with BUSTS.

    sjaak verduijn Reply

    @Go Tribe! Learning to be a head coach that is ridiculous I would assume you would be a great coach if you get a job in the NFL. This dude is a straight up amateur!

    Go Tribe! Reply

    sjaak verduijn Its ludicrous to assume that someone should come into the NFL and be a great coach immediately. Also we were competing with last years Super Bowl contender Rams right until the last 30 seconds of the game. I think we are setting the ship on fire too early just like Cleveland fans always do. Just sit back a couple seasons and see what happens.


We need some real offensive tackles…!!!!! Let’s talk about it back gets some time to throw and he pics the rams apart and we win!

Also we should have put the ball in Chubs hands when it’s 1& goal and the games on the line … and you have all your time outs still !!!! Ahhhh

    Michael Fraser Reply

    Not the o lines fault, they make a good pocket for him constantly but he leaves the pocket and runs into the ends

    Jp O'Brien Reply

    Yup. I totally agree. Yes there was some suspect play calling but with better offensive tackles Baker would have had more time in the pocket. Also, we we’re up against arguably the best defense in the league. We didn’t get blown out of the building. I’m bummed but definitely not giving up on my team. We are three games into the season. So for all of the fair weather fans; just pump the brakes people. Young team, first time head coach. Things are getting better. I’m bummed but still proud of this team. They fought till the end against a top flight team. Go Browns!

    Jay S Reply

    Yes we dont. They cant block as well as should and on a screen they consistently suck. But if Chubb get 25-30 carries (I formation preferably) he can compensate for the missed blocking assignments.

Dan M Reply

The Browns that I grew up with would have won this game. 20 years of crap football. Sure is getting old.

    King Markbarry Reply

    mr sticky no stupid the Ravens are the real Browns

    Enoch Zoldyck Reply

    The Sonic Void or maybe cleveland is just a shitty city with filled with nothing. The browns are trash. Get used to it

    Enoch Zoldyck Reply

    mr sticky the ravens are the true browns dont lie to yourself man.

    LIL TY G Reply

    Ive been a fan since 87 not much more i can take this is absolutely embarrassing

    Biscuits Reply

    It’s time to switch teams. WE HAVE DANIEL

Edward Gaines Reply

*BAKER!* Get your pretty hands dirty and run the ball yourself. You or Chubb could’ve run that ball into end zone for *OVERTIME.* Smh…

    james baldwins Reply

    He is slow.. small and weak… Lamar Jackson would have won that game for the browns. The Browns drafted the wrong guy. Can wait for next week! I it’s fmgonna be 38-10 RAVENS.

William Paul Reply

Not enough tricks in the book. Thank you defense. Glad Browns hung in there. Did better then I expected. Better plays and play calling. Sharper, quicker decisions for Backer. Execute!

Jon Doe Reply

From a huge Fan stop the Commercials and work on Being Dangerous Again #BelieveinBaker💪

    Julianne Demse-Manly Reply

    Too many commercials, does Patrick Mahomes make that many commercials?

    Enoch Zoldyck Reply

    Julianne Demse-Manly pat mahomes can afford to make commercials he’s actually good

    Zen Maestro Reply

    He should make a commercial about his lawnmower not working, so he throws somebody under it.

    Rich Rodriguez Reply

    and shotgunning beers

    Dawg#4Life B Reply

    Every QB is in commercials, that means nothing. He’s going to be fine

Jeff Santiago Reply

Who calls empty backfield on 1st and goal?

    Jack O'Connell Reply

    With 3 timeouts!

    Texlahoma Girl Reply

    Jeff Santiago

    Jay S Reply

    Fucking exactly!! This MF Freedie is pissing me off! No way in the hell does going empty on 1st and goal on all downs make sense!! The only ppl this makes sense to are the ppl who are thinking too hard about being creative or ppl who like pass happy and really dont believe in running the ball.

    Zen Maestro Reply

    It may be a bad play, but now mayfield is going to feed off that and throw other people under bus, cover them with cement, and stab the whole mess with a bus stop sign. Mayfield is just… yuck. Bad play calling or not.

    WhiteChocolate Bear Reply

    Who calls inside handoff on 4th and 9 at the 45 yard line?

Mark Nolan Reply

Just run the damn ball more and we would be 2-1 right now

    mark sims Reply

    Couldn’t agree more, he averages 5 yards per carry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Toxix Bob Reply

    @Jay S facts chubb was playing so well to

    Sports Good Reply

    They are. They have one of the best running teams.

    J Money Reply

    Nah run the ball in the right situations.. like 1st and goal. In general they run the ball too damn much.

    Sports Good Reply

    @J Money Yeah, 5 receivers in 1st goal, who called that? The goal pass TD worked but I would have ran too.

Patrick Neal Reply

Yet another great home field advantage wasted. Crowd was ROCKING in there tonight from before kickoff and stayed until the last play. 0-2 at home is a terrible look

    Jarrod Job Reply

    Patrick Neal yup. Brutal.

    In other news, the browns contingency plan of a funeral business is booming tho. People need Browns to let us down into our final resting place one last time.

James Kirk Reply

You prob think you won because you didn’t lose by 30,omg joke.

Killer Shott3 Reply

I love how baker and Freddie always say it’s on me fix it then

    Dawg#4Life B Reply

    They will

Real Talk Reply

How about throwing a 5 to 10 yard slant? How about not rolling out the pocket instantly? How about not holding the ball for more then 3 seconds? Let’s see last year baker

    Max Nikolenko Reply

    Baker is now an insurance comercial guy. Football, that stuff is for the guys that need money. Baker is beyond football now.

Jason Kimball Reply

The play calling makes me think we have a 1st year ,1st time head coach……smh…we do.uuugghhh

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