Baker Mayfield: “OBJ has another notch of speed when the lights come on” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert Janko

Cmon Baker! Stop thinking and spread the ball like last season. Stop looking for OBJ, concentrate on the free player and everything will work out.

    Cereal Killer

    Robert Janko he knows he just don’t wanna tell us. Well I hope he knows and it shows next week


    When u become an nfl player maybe you could tell him what to do, let the professional do his thing


    Well the no.2 receivers have been injured and suspended (Higgins and callaway) and now Njoku is concussed. So… But I do think he knows he needs to check it down better. I believe they just need to feed chubb the ball more


Mayfield is not a terrible QB. He doesn’t trust his O-line for good reason. Kitchens didn’t establish a run game, took play action out of the playbook because of it, and Williams dared the Browns to throw deep. I counted it out 1001, 1002 (barely) and Mayfield was sliding either left or right because Robinson at left tackle can’t keep a block going and the roulette wheel of lineman at right tackle are at a loss on what to do.

The Jets were only rushing 4 and 5 Cleveland linemen couldn’t keep them out of the backfield. 7 defensive backs vs. 5 max receivers (with Chubb as safety valve) in man or zone coverage with OBJ and Landry double teamed? No time for zigs or zags or crossing routes or anything but “go long” and try to outrun the defender. Those are low percentage passes. Kitchens needs serious help on the line; he and Mayfield need to brainstorm on plays that Baker likes and run those.

I’ve had my doubts about Kitchen and Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken. Wasn’t impressed with Monken when he was offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State and I don’t see how both he and Kitchens can sit on the same toilet seat at the same time.

Review That

15-1 lets go browns! lets go baker!!

    A. Milo

    i’m with you…..#woofwoof #GOBROWNIES

    Review That

    A. Milo my dawg

    Rase -iwnl-


Joshua McCall

start running the ball more. Use your check downs. How about you stop looking for OBJ to get open on every play. Use the other receivers. Stop trying to throw the long ball, and use short to intermediate passes. Start looking for the open receiver. God Dammit use Nick Chubb.


    To me, it seem like sometimes he barely even look Odell’s way. He passing it to everyone.

    Q Horton

    O Line needs to hold up and Chubb needs utilized more

branden8045 theultramangofighter

You took out baker Mayfield best weapon “play action”. How do you expect him to survive without it also how do you expect Greg to keep blocking when baker is holding that ball for way too long while looking for receivers. When you take play action away from baker AND Greg robinson….you’re litterly hurting both of them.

Saint Michael

Attention coaches: give play action back AND Quite focusing on OBJ. So many wide open receivers.

    90s Jaded

    Saint Michael ✔️

Jo Edinson

8:40 is when he talks about Odell

Lamar Bray

yo they kicker made all his field goals

    Mr. Information

    Praying he doesn’t pull a Zane

    Nacho Gonzaga

    @Mr. Information Austin is the all time leading scorer in College Football history, dude is good and has hell of a leg. And ironically Zane is actually kicking decent in Arizona lmao

Derek Simmons

They look like they’re only at 60% of what they could be. 🏈


    I say 40

    Seth Hammerly

    I say 40 too. This team has so much potential. Just have to have the right play calling and blocking. This team can be great. They just gotta figure out how to play together

Chip Chasen

Good, bad or ugly – after so many years of QB bs in this town – he’s our quarterback. So some of you need to shut the F up. Thank you.

    David Williams

    He will be the best QB in the league next year. 2nd year QB’s struggle as they grow and defenses adjust. Have patience and let him figure the game out.

    Jim Harris

    @David Williams Yes and Baker is too hard on himself to not play better and get better with each game.

    Vyrez Beatz

    Perfectly stated

Rase -iwnl-

Odell has world class talent and speed it’s scary that’s why we’re so blessed he’s on our team we’re the luckiest team ever ❤️❤️❤️

Mason Lawlor

Baker’s gotta simplify it. Get back to the gunslinger attitude from last year, find the open man, take what the defense gives you. No need to force it to OBJ, he will be naturally be open plenty. A good part of this falls on the play calling as well, Freddie.

Mike Muffler

On to the next one baby.
It’ll all come together like last season even if it means we get back to more of last year’s playcalling. (ie Full House Package) #GoBrowns #BakerMayfield


Be patient I expect a big game from Baker vs. the Rams.

michael hammond

Browns fans relax…..when you have a target on your back, you will get the best from other teams. Iron sharpens iron, this team is built to win this year and win it all by next year. They’ve got to get all pro quality up front though, the big uglies are always the key….you’ve got “the guy”, now get him protection and blocking for Chubb/Co.

90s Jaded

Really wish they would put Jarvis in the slot like his Miami days. I feel like they would be a lot more successful

Stan ezen

Should be a great Sunday night match.


    G Vell TV

    Stan ezen Browns win

    Stan ezen

    I want the meth you smokin`

Leroy Xiong

Just a little bit adjust mechanics for you Baker, make good decisions for throws completion and scores for the red zone all you have to do for win games

Kreepalo XAY

Baker just tell it like it is love that 💯👏🏾

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