Baker Mayfield is natural leader Browns need | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baker Mayfield is natural leader Browns need | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Now that he is going into his second season, Baker Mayfield is being much more vocal, proving his potential to be a natural leader and make a big difference for the Browns.#NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #ClevelandBrowns #BakerMayfield
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Baker Mayfield is natural leader Browns need | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Patrick Lemire Reply

Somewhere Hue Jackson still thinks he did a good job in Cleveland.

    Terrance Hall Reply

    He wasn’t right for the situation

    Jerichoholic502 Reply

    @Terrance Hall no hes trash. He had Mayfield and Chubb last year and choose to start Taylor and Hyde. Hes a garbage coach that puts blame on everyone except himself.

    Terrance Hall Reply

    @Jerichoholic502 they were rookies.

Jamma 757 Reply

So he’s great already.

Oui Bay Reply

Baker Mayfield is the next Mark Sanchez. He’s soooo overrated.

    Matt C Reply

    Oui Bay
    Homie go look at Mark Sanchez’s stats. His best season was vastly inferior to Baker’s ROOKIE season.

    He won games, but the Jets won in spite of Sanchez.

    Wil Gomes Reply

    @Matt C Lmao, yes, this right here. Baker broke the TD rookie record and he didn’t even play a whole year. What records did Sanchez break?

    Brian Collins Reply

    @Wil Gomes he broke the record for most butt fumbles

    Wil Gomes Reply

    @Brian Collins ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Walt Stilwell Reply

Baker told the jets player barking at him, I dont even know who the F you are.

Boomer Sooner Reply

browns should take the stripe off their helmets. looks better

Willie Johnson Reply

Now wins don’t matter. A great qb can be a loser. I guess by extension Hue is a great coach now. The brainwashing by the NFL continues.

    Wil Gomes Reply

    Lmao, the nfl is a team sport dude, if the browns lose it won’t be all bakers fault. That said, QB is the most important piece on the field so he would be a lot to blame. QB is a highly dependent position though, a QB needs competent receivers to catch the balls he throws, a competent O Line to pass protect and give him time to throw the ball and he needs a competent RB to take the pressure off of him. Most importantly though, he needs a good head coach who can scheme his receivers open and draw up good plays, which is why Hue Jackson was so bad in Cleveland. So, yeah, if the browns are incompetent this year Baker deserves some of the blame but not all of it, maybe not even the majority of it, depending on the situation

    OG James Reply

    Willie Johnson dumbass it takes a team to win games

    Willie Johnson Reply

    @OG James : Dumbasslicker. Try logic . I’ve never ever ever heard of a great qb with a losing record. I’ve never ever ever heard of a great team with a losing record. Like I said, by your stupidity and empty logic if Baker is great then Williams was great a coach (one of the worst defenses and team in football).

Michael Grant Reply

When the browns lose a game, basically it will not be baker Mayfield fault

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