Baker Marches Downfield For Browns TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Colin Cowherd on Monday : I told you all Baker Mayfield is a top 10 QB

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    @Jay Jay some of his videos on youtube , im in school when his show is on

    Jay Jay

    @Orbitz _

    Endangered Memes

    @Michael Lyndon I was talking about what Colin was going to say

    David Krumme

    He never says Baker isn’t a franchise qb. He has been right about Baker for the most part


    Endangered Memes you okay champ?


Baker looks so uncomfortable in the pocket

    soso girl

    @L3- -37 shut up

    Mike Roagression

    L3- -37 no he’s not young, moron. He’s older than Deshaun and Mahomes. You’re already seeing Mayfield’s ceiling. He is game manager at best. He’s awful decision maker, doesn’t see or process the field really well. This is what Lamar is already better at than baker plus the fact that he is still a threat to run

    soso girl

    @Mike Roagression while i somewhat agree with what you say… Lamar isn’t much of a threat himself. He’s like a less polarizing michael vick … Im a Browns fan and i agree Baker is just a good game management QB but i wasn’t scared of Lamar Jackson even after impressive plays .. It could be the fact that his o line was getting beat alot but he just didnt show anything that made me worry about him! And watching his other games he threw ALOT of terrible, desperate deep balls that VERY luckily got caught by the offense.. He’s got just as much learning to do as Baker


Rex Ryan hella mad rn

Deep One

Getting rid of Terrell Sugg lol

Keith Barkley

Lamar Jackson 128 yards passing! Baker Mayfield 322 yards passing🤣🤣🤣

    Lil Wayne

    Keith Barkley lol where r all the Baker haters now 🤣1st in the division too baby


Chubb woke up feeling “dangerous”

Tim Skidmore

Chub is going off. The browns need to stick with a heavy run game. There offensive line can’t pass protect but they can run block.

Tim Skidmore

Also the browns defense is nasty when the offense dosent turn the ball over.

Brian Byrnes

Baker is Lamar’s Dad 😂 hope Mr. Jackson don’t find out 🤣🤣🤣

Lewis Cutbirth

Browns are proving that the Ravens are nothing


    Lewis Cutbirth was true

    Brian Byrnes

    Ravens just aren’t good

Aaron Seidl

Rex Ryan punching air right now 😂


In the words of OutKast
“I’m sorry ms Jackson”

    Godfather95 MBS

    lmao good one

Martell Coty

Best QB browns ever had

    soso girl

    Uhh as of right now no…
    1. Otto Graham
    2. Bernie Kosar
    3. Brian Sipe
    4. Baker mayfield

Kid Lightning

Finally first place in the AFC North!!! How you like us now Squeelers!

    soso girl

    Yayyyy go Browns! ☺

    VMohdude -

    Kid Lightning Browns to the playoffs!!


I told y’all last week. Raven’s losing streak confirmed.

BIG Wayne Gee

Wait till browns 2 starting cornerbacks and middle linebacker come back

    soso girl

    Shut up dad

    Captain Spartan 04

    BIG Wayne Gee everyone has injuries

Godfather95 MBS

media was already crowning lamar over baker……how are they feeling now?

Biz Denardo

Trust in Nick chubb 💯


Browns D did very well considering injuries at corner

RoguePepper 9606

I love his cadence voice

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