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Baker Cooks w/ 325 Passing Yards! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Baker Mayfield whips up a delicious victory for the Browns in Week 2. The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Kevin Polo Reply

The rams are gonna have a field day with the browns

    Johnnyy Bravoo Reply

    Juju az Laughable! I’m a Saints fan! I’m only cheering for the Browns this week just so they end the Rams lucky cheap Win Streak by relying on the Refs and that they got 2-1!🍀 🐑 😂

    Inferno Reply

    13-3 lol

    Franklin Wheatley Reply

    Ka Kjj we don’t have to pretend.

    Joe Mendez Reply

    @Ka Kjj they arent a good team yet lmao.

LJ T Reply

Baker Cooks?

Awoo Reply

I watched the game. they are hyping baker up. He should of scored more times than he did. Overall poor to average performance against the jets. Got sacked more times then he should off missed throws as well.

    Inferno Reply

    Baker’s been on 3 OCs and 3 HCs so far and he hasn’t played 16 games. All these experts probably don’t even win against the spread.

    Enoch Escalera Reply

    @Inferno they hella reaching!!! He was hot garbage

Steve'n o: Reply

325 yards against the Jets. This isn’t surprising.

    jeoh93 Reply

    The defense was intense early on in the game. Not much you can do when you’re down to your third qb though

Olvin Galeas Reply

He was trash this game. If he doesmt get it together the Rams bout to drop 40 on these bums. Odell and chubb carrying the offense tho

    Frantz Lenin Reply

    jUxtApOsEd2wIn S

    Donald is gonna add Baker to the list of QBs with season ending injuries next week lol

    All Alone Reply

    jUxtApOsEd2wIn S You did not watch the game, he held on to the ball way too long on every single play, failed to read the defense constantly and forced way too many passes. He could’ve had way more interceptions

    Frantz Lenin Reply

    All Alone

    He literally gave David Njoku a concussion because failed to read the defense, held the ball too long, and then forced the pass lol

    Richie Davis Reply

    “If he (Baker) doesnt get it together, the Rams will drop 40 on these bums.” I’m not sure how that correlates. He won’t have 3 interceptions in a game again. This guy learns from his mistakes every time he makes one and the defense has been lights out for the most part.

PackingMessyCans Reply

Who the hell is Baker Cooks 😂

    MrCorgiTalks Reply

    Romain that’s not what a metaphor is

    EnLighten Joe Reply

    Right 🤣🤣🤣

    the legendary noob Reply

    They mean by baker is getting bunch of yards so he’s cooking

    the legendary noob Reply

    Is a metaphor

Tarantula Guy Reply

Aaron Donald is going to eat the Browns O-line

    Johnnyy Bravoo Reply

    D.A.Y I got good news for Week 3! The next game for the Browns is playing at Home! Sorry Rams, but this time it’s not Rams’ House! It’s the Browns’ house! Time to see you get 2-1 this Sunday night!😐 🏠

    D.A.Y Reply

    Johnnyy Bravoo I’m not a Browns fan, but yeah

    SBs Biscuit Reply

    Johnnyy Bravoo not even a rams fan but yall goona get clapped with or without aaron donald

    Christian Ramirez Reply

    Johnnyy Bravoo Didn’t they play the titans at home

John Mooney Reply

Gregg William’s face after OBJ catch was priceless

Boss Killa Reply

He’s cookin, but all i smell are over thrown passes and missed opportunities.

    Justin Renaud Reply

    Weiss I’m a packers fan too, but baker isn’t overrated because of throwing 3 interceptions in the 4th Quarter while trying to force a comeback. That’s a large overreaction. He also has a below average offensive line that was hurt bad by trading Zeitler.

    Boss Killa Reply

    @Justin Renaud i agree to an extent that his O-Line is below average. But what i’m talking about are missed reads and over throws when he has a clean pocket. He could have scorched the Jets had he just read the defense right. Chubb was open all night and was free profit. But Baker kept going deep. But you also gotta understand. He just finished his 16th game of his career. He still has a lot to learn. But they are going up against the patriots in primetime next week so….OBJ better be wearing a 24k cuban chain if they plan on powering through that defense.

    MrSuperFly87 Reply

    This man only 6 feet tall which I think is a little short for an NFL QB. He had a few passes batted down

    Boss Killa Reply

    @MrSuperFly87 drew brees is 5’11 and Russell Wilson is 5’10 there is literally no excuse

    MrSuperFly87 Reply

    Boss Killa Okay You right

Benjimayn Vai Reply

If we beat Rams, I’d be very surprised. I want to see Ratley got more game time. Many snaps he had separation. We might have found a gem.

Billy Fresh Reply

every time this dude throws a pick they’re just gonna say “well he’s so much like favre”…..this is why i don’t like the media and how they sway popular opinion

    Loose89 Reply

    Balances out whenever he throws a pick and everyone him calls Johnny Manziel 2.0..


Still needs to get better at reading defenses and improvising. Jets defense had him figured out for most of the game

stop just stop stop it Reply

Wow this Baker Cooks guy is had a half decent game! Cleveland may have a potential franchise QB 🔥

99999racerx Reply

To quote Shannon…”Really? Really Skip?”

cheeb87 Reply

Baker cooks? Stop it. Dude was average at best.

packboy333 Reply

Damn its crazy how many people went from liking baker to hating on him that fast smh.

    elbeno Reply

    @Marc Amico that sounds dumb.

    mrbill806 Reply

    Marc Amico stfu

    mrbill806 Reply

    Jaime Argudo no, it’s because you’re dumb

    Michael Fraser Reply

    I mean he was great last 8 games last year, now he’s been bad to open up year, so its natural the haters are going to be loud

    Dustin J Reply


Mike Moran Reply

He really wasn’t that impressive if you watched the game. Got carried by OBJ and the defense

Benny Lowery Reply

They are playing the Jets for Pete’s sake!

Dylan Cx Reply

All these Browns haters are sad pathetic human beings

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