Back in blue | Get hyped for #TENvsDEN – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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mf donkie Reply

We got this game Go broncos!

Xx_Unstoppable HD Reply

Let’s get this W #BroncosCountry!

Eddie Rascon Reply

These jerseys are so sexy we should make them our original home jerseys

    James Medina Reply

    Eddie Rascon Orange 🍊 are better.

    Eddie Rascon Reply

    James Medina both of them are great but I like the blue ones better

    Binx Negale Reply

    Blue ones are dope 💯👍

    Jayden Hall Reply

    We can have the orange one for away

Speedyreedy1218 Reply

Make that Jersey the permanent home ones!

Bronco Nation Reply

Let’s go Broncos!

Dizzel _YTx Reply

Let’s go Denver

JR0752 Gamer Reply

Hype hype hype! Let’s go!

Sacred Reaper Reply

Favorite Jerseys

Cruzinthruspace Reply

No reason why they can’t win this game

Glorious McClorious Reply

Let’s Go Broncos!

Dark Dan Reply

Let’s see what shows up to play…

Josh G Reply

Go broncos

Binx Negale Reply

Lets get this W baby. Fire up all 8 cylinders today. #broncoscountry

theunderdog724 Reply

Hell yes the blues!! When you look good you feel good and when u feel good you play good

JOEL00111 Reply

I have a Peyton blue jersey I’ll be drunk cheering you guys on!

Cooper Cote Reply

I’m hype.Broncos are most likely to take this win we’re going to do good von Miller I’m guessing will get 3 sacks on Mariota.Lets take home another one.#Broncos

Clyde Triplett Reply

Jersey buying don’t work, no loyalty in the NFL
I wear my Tebow jersey

Fernando Herrera Martínez Reply

Ditch the whites, Orange and Blue should be our two mains. Blues are the sexiest.

Darville Leonard Reply


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