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Austin Ekeler Leaps into the End Zone on Chargers TD Drive

Austin Ekeler caps off this TD drive by Philip Rivers & Co with a lead into the end zone. The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Detroit Lions during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Bru Novu Reply


Cheese weasels Reply


Grim Sniperr Reply

Ekeler carting my FF team

    Grim Sniperr Reply


WRECKER21 _ Reply

Melvin who??

    Truth Official Reply


Faze Craig Paul Reply

Damn nfl fast

Yo Yo Reply

Melvin is setting himself up for failure and will get replaced and he will not get the contract he wants

    Mr Meaty Reply

    Yo Yo exactly he thought he could get away with it like Levon but it’s like last year but it’s eklers time to shine

Lee Watkins Reply

Melvin I think you should leave tbh. Get out the AFC for sure.

Eric Stevens Reply

Same ole Lions.

Truth Official Reply

Phillip throwing form is so ugly man lol

    cyansaint Reply

    For real been saying that since he was drafted. But man he can sling it

    Truth Official Reply

    @cyansaint agreed lol

    J R Reply

    Best deep ball in the league.

    John-boy Reply

    Your right, but his ball is probably the most catchable of any of the QB’s in the NFL. It floats in there so soft even I could catch it

    LightningBolt Reply

    Truth Official Its not the normal throwing motion that most people use, but it is the most efficient in the league

Ridz 39 Reply

Goodbye Melvin Gordon

Joe Cool Reply

Melvin who?

    ryderles 2d Reply

    Melvin Underpaid

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply

Melvin Gordon whoπŸ™€πŸ‘ˆ

John-boy Reply

Nice leap by Ekeler, reminds me of the old LT days!

Thestrian Official Reply

I drafted that boy!

    black jordans Reply

    Thestrian Official SAME

xPhaNToM_LioNx Reply

Show Kerryon’s touchdown

Kexin Reply

Didn’t work the 2nd time and paid for it with an end zone fumble. Stop turning the ball over Chargers. πŸ˜”


LT is my fav

PALi friendly Reply


essel23fly Reply

What is wrong with the chargers

Compton 187 Reply

he’s to small for all that just keep it on the ground

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