Audibles: Jon Gruden Outlines Thought Process To Defending Against Vikings Run-First Offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Audibles: Jon Gruden Outlines Thought Process To Defending Against Vikings Run-First Offense

On this week's "Vikings GamePlan," hear from Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden and QB Derek Carr, along with Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins, about this Sunday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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LakerFan Reply

respect to DC

Ddd Kkk Reply

He sure doesn’t look like a guy with confidence.

    loren rohrich Reply

    Sure does make it interesting to see how he performs on Sunday,question is if he under performs and they start losing will they allow the ship to sink before they plug the hole.

Ryan Damon Reply


Mengmore Vang Reply

I remember we passed on Carr and got Bridgewater.

    Ricky Quinteros Reply

    U swear if Carr is a elite QB guy is so inconsistent

    Mengmore Vang Reply

    @Ricky Quinteros I mean look at him and Bridgewater now? I’m saying imagine Carr with our team instead of the Raiders.

    loren rohrich Reply

    @Mengmore Vang Everyone thought he was next after Mack and Cooper but legit QB’s are a little more rare.

Skoldier Soup Reply

Get this season back on track. SKOL

Erik Leif Reply

The thought process is at 2:28

ProHorizon Reply

It’s sad Kirky Boy thinks he needs to rise to a “higher level”.
Rather than simply promise to
Rather than him worrying about what he’s not earning,
He should simply say; “I’ll never do that again.”

    Trevor Beach III Reply

    If you watched the Press Conference after the Green Bay game I believe he did

    loren rohrich Reply

    They could have done a better job protecting him so much focus on the run will come at the expense of pass protection,they need to get better,if we go down by three touchdowns in the first quarter chances are we will lose every time.

Bailey Fletcher Reply

We need to throw the fucking ball

Trevor Beach III Reply

Kirk I believe in you

    loren rohrich Reply

    Zimmer once said the same thing about Christian Ponder,Kirk has the team now we will see what he is really made of honestly he surprised me last year I hope he can do it again.

    Derpy Name Reply

    @loren rohrich true but you can’t just slam ur players like the fans do he drafted teddy and said he was his guy aswell

9antidote Reply

Excuse after excuse!

loren rohrich Reply

The real question is will Gruden out coach Zimmer,we shall see,you have to hold the coach as responsible as anyone when they collapse out of the gate like that.

loren rohrich Reply

It seems to be all about Kirk and his INT but if the D wouldn’t have been asleep for the first three series we probably could have won the game with a dozen passes again.

Dylan Haugesag Reply

Trade for Derek Carr

hivicar Reply

Carr’s gotta learn to talk to them folks.

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