Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

This is a game Iโ€™m looking forward to ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Mike Jay Reply

Eagles wins big 34-21

LeBears Reply

What are the odds that the falcons will choke in the red zone against the eagles for the 3rd straight year lmao

    Phayrone Reply

    Joseph Mestas – Nah, I like Ridley.

    Joseph Mestas Reply

    @Jh0001471: That is a tough pick, Carson is a safer bet but won’t have a very good reward. Ryan struggles under pressure sometimes but he has a medium risk very high reward chance because of the receivers he has and the serious CB issue the Eagles have with injuries. I’d personally go with Ryan, But that’s just me.

    Joseph Mestas Reply

    @Phayrone: Indeed

    Nicholas Jay Reply

    That would be unreal. Even as it is is unreal, we really seen the Eagles won in the red zone 2 years in a row on the same exact play in very similar games. Should be a great matchup. Go Eagles.

Demorris Hanson Reply

BREAKING ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ: Bucky picks the Eagles. #flyeaglesfly

    shawn bopko Reply

    I’m a little bit worried about the Eagles secondary

    Demorris Hanson Reply

    @shawn bopko Atlanta’s isn’t any better.

Cam Smith Reply

Eagles of course

TreyJames 19 Reply

I pick the Eagles to win a high scoring game 38-34



Chief-Blackhawk Reply

Gonna be a close one, let’s just play 4 quarters and I think we can win this one. Oh, and run the damn ball with Howard!

    wildgrem Reply

    Howard looked nasty man, give him the rock!

    Deadly Dylan Reply

    Chief-Blackhawk yeah 4 quarters and not just the second half.

    Jerry Junior Reply

    Chief-Blackhawk Ya will win, coming from a Cowboys fan.

Michael Maddox Reply

Falcons have to win this game, can not keep losing to philly every year

    Jerry Junior Reply

    O Alonzo A Good luck from a Cowboys fan.

    Cameron Holmes Reply

    No there gonna loose because the eagles have the superior offensive front and defensive front.

    Carson Wentz Fan Reply

    @Cameron Holmes facts

    shawn bopko Reply

    Good division game

    Weeps G Reply

    O Alonzo A my cousin a falcons fan Iโ€™m a eagles fan always a big rivalry to me

Jason D Reply

Falcons at home the past few years have been really tough. I see a desperate Falcons team avoiding an 0-2 start in prime time. Falcons 30, Eagles 27

Matthew Miller Reply

Falcons will play better this week, but I still say the Eagles get the win on the road.

alien priest Reply

I believe our corners will get it together now that their rust is over.


Eagles: 41 Falcons: 27 Sorry falcons, Eagles just own you guys lmao

StarDeku Reply

Eagles: 31

Falcons: 28

    Eric Villegas Reply

    StarDeku i think eagles: 24 falcons: 14

Austin De Petris Reply

Shootout for the Birds ๐Ÿฆ…

Michael F Reply

Eagles 21 falcons 13

based god Reply

Eagles need to realize it’s not the corners it’s the scheme. That’s why the Texans and patriots can lose a top 5 DB then go right on and produce another one. Jim Schwartz is holding back a living legend in Big Fletch but he only wants to rush the 4 lineman instead of blitzing and making the double team he draws mean something. Instead it just give the qb hella time to throw the ball

    Call Me J. R. Reply

    based god he sometimes blitz , we need darby to be a stud.

    based god Reply

    @Call Me J. R. not enough. We should be sending at least 5 everytime. Theres 5 offensive lineman and a RB helping out. If we sent 4 the O Line can double fletch and single cover everyone else and the RB can turn into a reciever. If we send 5 or 6 then Fletch definitely gets a single cover and sometimes someone is gonna get a free run to the QB

Joshua scott Reply

Eagles you better win this game I’m biding and I want y’all to win

    Joshua scott Reply

    Eagles got better offense than the falcons

Them_Eyes_Thou Reply

ATL all I gotta say is Donโ€™t let me Down


Cameron Holmes Reply

I have the Eagles winning because of the fact that the Eagles have a superior Offensive Front and a superior defensive front. Eagles win 37-24

lasay inchrist Reply


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