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Jeffery Robertson

Atlanta Falcons tied Indianapolis Colts 27 – 27 Atlanta Falcons was member NFC West Division from 1970 to 1993 and Indianapolis Colts was member AFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 era


Ehh i think the Colts take this one tbh.
Colts 31
Falcons 27

    Ann Murdock


    Kronic Impulse

    Ann Murdock How so lol

    Julio jones


    Julio jones

    They not putting up 31

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Colts don’t need Luck. Have you seen Jacoby Brisssett?

107.8 – QB Rating

    Cole Pratt

    Kronic Impulse Not really imo, if you throw a 50 yard pass to set up a 1 yard TD run, that’s far more impressive than getting a 50 yard run and setting up a 1 yard TD pass

    Don't SSleep

    @Cole Pratt
    It doesn’t matter how many yards you get. Points win games. They don’t put yards up on the scoreboard last I checked.

    Cole Pratt

    Don’t SSleep But it’s more impressive for a quarterback to get yards, you can run 1 yard TDS all day

    #Trivia Number1

    Cole Pratt, just like Mariass.

    Kronic Impulse

    Cole Pratt Idgaf if it’s more “impressive” being “impressive” doesn’t really win you games does it? I’ll take TD’s over “impressive” passing plays or yards any day


Falcons 27 Colts 21

Kronic Impulse

Ahh once again ppl sleeping on the Colts… This is their home opener fans if the game was in Atlanta I would have said it’s 50/50 but since it’s @Indy I say the Colts got this should still be a good game tho

Let’s Go Colts!!

why dalukaton

well whatever team adam rank picks to win yk they will lose

drsamw pepper

Cant trust the falcons…


Colts is going to win this game


Totally depends on which Falcons show up. It’s theirs to lose or win.

Meteor Smash

Falcons 27
Colts 23

Mr psychometrics

I got the colts in this one.


    PFFFFTT really. do a head to head matchup and look at all the mismatches that the colts are going to have. Game Over…Atlanta puts up big numbers on this weak Colts defense. Also remember, the always banged up Colts will be without Pierre Desir, Darius Leanord, Tomeeko Turay, Jabal Sheard and a host of other defenders, and on the offensive side of the ball, they are without several players as well. Look for 41 – 17 or a 41 to 13 type of score with Adam Vinatieri missing a plethora of extra points and field goals. AV has the yips, it’s over.

    Kronic Impulse

    Harpoon_Bakery Nothing about what you said is true lol especially when it comes to what players Indy will be without no Colts defensive players have been officially ruled out yet so not sure where you getting yo info about that lol same with the offense they won’t be “without several players” you’re just making s**t up and you must be off your meds if you think this will be a blowout win for Atlanta it’ll be a good game but please keep sleeping on Indy


    @Harpoon_Bakery dude you’re day dreaming lol


    ​@Kronic Impulse — if you are going to suddenly wave a magic wand and make the oft-Injured Indy Colts healthy again, you’re dreaming yourself. Here is yesterdays injury report — not looking good dude. — you can stop with the making ___ up narrative. I indeed DO think Atlanta will blow out the Colts at the Irsay Dome. I wish it not to be true but , im afraid, the mediocrity will be exposed and be prominent against a suddenly healthy and surprising Falcons team. And don’t even try to compare the two QBs

Daniel Coronado

21-17 Falcons win

Bailey Ytuarte

Remember what happened against philly everyone picked them so its fair game if you ask me?


    I cant remember what network it was on might had been nfl network, I was at work, but they had a list of analysts predictions of the game. It was about 8 names and only 1 picked the Falcons. smh See how that turned out.

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Bailey Ytuarte I mean they all picked the colts last week we saw how that turned out too

Cameron Mc Farrin

I got the Colts 27-21. If you limit the Falcons big plays, they’re very beatable. If Jones and Ridley go off, you’re in trouble.

    Dandre Johnson

    Cameron Mc Farrin and of those two don’t go off then you have to deal with sanu and hooper 💀 and then the falcons defense is ranked number 2 right now jacoby has to worry about Grady Jarrett takk and Vic


    @Dandre Johnson On god, grady the best run defense DT rn. He playing way better then what wr payed him

    Kronic Impulse

    Dandre Johnson It’s a good thing the Colts have one of the best O-lines then huh? Lol good luck with getting to him

    Dandre Johnson

    Kronic Impulse they went against the best oline last week and dominated

    Kronic Impulse

    Dandre Johnson Best?? Lmao they are one of the best but not the best they are all old they aren’t as fast and strong as they once were Colts O-line on the other hand are very young fast and strong especially Big Q

Stan ezen

Where my falcon fans at?!!? We got this!!!


    #Trivia Number1

    Stan ezen, Colts 31-23

    Michael Swarms

    Colts got this

    Stan ezen

    Nah falcons all day.

    #Trivia Number1

    Stan ezen, LOL THE FALCONS😂😂😂

Tenno Tube2


Jeffrey Cunningtown

I am sure you should looking for ScreenVariety Tv if you want to watch NFL this year



Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

Lets go to Lucas Oil stadium and burn it down!!! #RISEUP

Tammy Keller

Someone said it already. Falcons are a way better team on paper and match up well against Indi. The game is theirs to win or lose.

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