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Tommie Jenkins

25 touch’s 80- 100 yards then pollard takes over and finish with 35 – 55 yards

Ron Figg

I live in Vegas and I believe in Dak! We have a dynasty forming in front of us! Dak, Zeke, Amare and The Purge Squad! Let’s go Cowboys! (O-Line love you too)

Antonio Turner

This guy sucks.

Eddie V

In time Dak can get to that point.

John Crabtree

Hope they didn’t draft pollard just to waste him on the bench


Purge Squad🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

West World

wth? Dak is a 4th rd compensatory pick …. that was drafted to learn behind Tony Romo for 2-3 years, receiving chump change money..

Dak was never drafted to start week 1 game managing Scott Linehan’s Zeke reliant offense.

Dak has had 3 years of crap coaching in an offense he wasn’t drafted be be developed in. Dak received ZERO development behind Romo. Scott Linehan killed Romo’s offense in 2016 …. and killed Dak’s development behind Romo.

Carson Wentz is a #2 overall pick that the Eagles traded up for to be the face of the franchise and have the offense built around. Wentz had 3 years of great coaching and receive tens of millions as a first rounder.

Wentz has only played great in the 2017 team that was so good that the backup QB breezed through the playoffs and won SB MVP.

Nick Foles out-played Wentz with the same roster in 2017 & 2018.

Wentz is clearly over-rated, over-paid and got lucky getting a great GM & HC building a team modeled on the Patriots.

DAk got unlucky being drafted with Scott Linehan as OC, Garrett as HC and the Jones family trying to build a team modeled on the their champion ship team of the 90’s.

Drafting Zeke allowed Linehan to take back control of the offense from Romo after Romo got injured …. and making offense reliant on a franchise RB. Dak then got crap coaching and development by Linehan for 3 years for an offense he was not drafted to developed in.

And yet with 3 years of bad coaching from a 4th rd project QB making $700 k a year …. Dak stats are comparable to Wentz & Goff who are the #1 & 2 picks, paid tens of millions of dollars with great terams and coaches.

Stop it with the BS about Wentz being a great QB because of how well he did in 2017 … in that great Eagles team where the backup won SB MVP.

The Cowboys would NOT have had the the same stats and success from 2016 – 2018, with Sanches, Kellen Moore and Cooper Rush being the starter for season.

The Cowboys are not modeled on the Patriots and the HC is nowhere near as good as the Eagles and Rams coach.

Again. Dak was drafted to be developed behind Romo for 2-3 years …. but instead he was made to game manage a ZEke reliant offense and had Garrett and Linehan developing him.

George Achimbi


da Star

Saying Wentz would have won MVP if he hadn’t got hurt but he did. I never buy the “would have” arguments in any situation because history only happens once no matter what anyone says.

Brandon Espinoza

There are only like one or two qbs that can carry a team by themselves that’s way it’s a team sport🤦‍♂️

Chase Dyer

Shouldn’t this show be called ‘ask the boy’?

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