#AskTheBoys: Are You Worried About The Defense? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Christopher chavez

I am not worried about the defense it’s going to be elite

Angel Hernandez

Very boring, I am a fan of jeans and I wanted information or something extra and looking for this channel. But I really tell you, extremely boring

Christopher chavez

Kris Richard And Papa Marinelli will have them going

The List

El Chapo Helman

Isaiah Moseley

Everybody chill the fluff out! So we’re a little rusty it’s wk 1 we’ll be fine

Edward Henry

If the defense see Dak doing everything what the Heck is left to do get hurt know stay healthy for the next game and if Dak do it again you know what to do again 😂🙏🏿👍go Cowboys and win with or without defense 💪🏾

Edward Henry

Cowboys defense is not rusty they know what they’re doing just keep on watching and you will see let’s go Cowboys ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️oh wait I forgot ⭐️


Ask the libtard snowflake foh

Adam Johnston

Trade for draft picks and nothing else. We need draft stock bc this team is about to get stupid expensive

jeremy x

Watzup Dave
I always enjoy you man
Especially with your crew of Nick, Lindz, Tay, etc

I’m not worried at this point either
Dating back to earlry last season I seemed to be the only one who saw issues with poor tacklin and angles, giving up the big plays etc

I also said on many platforms that teams would see more than what I was seeing and we’d be exploited late in the season

I’m concerned because we’re starting off exactly how we ended last season…..
….Giving up 100+ yard games

Other OC’s & HC’s are seeing the same trendy

You’d better be right
And most importantly
We’d better be fixed

AP ain’t no joke himself
Starting off where e left off defensively is NOT a good look nor feel

Even if we continue to win

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