As EXCITED as we are for the game, it’s about owning today | Falcons HC Dan Quinn – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay Manning

Superbowl or bust, now let’s get that Julio deal done!

Jared Adhemar


ZukoDaPrince Channel

Get Julio Contract Done ! Super Bowl Champs 🏟🏆


There oline will be tested early this year

    Mr Spizite

    Jeremycole and that’s a BLESSING all first rounders

    Cody Paul

    @Jeremycole, You ain’t lying bro, Minnesota and Philadelphia both have a nasty front four on the defensive side of the ball. I believe both of these games will be decided in this area. We can’t afford to start off 0-2……


    @Cody Paul looking at the schedule the worst we can start is 3-5 maybe only because all your division games are after the bye week plus 49ers and jaguars I don’t believe they will start slow but they have a little room for error

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Falcons fans, are you going to destroy the Vikings?

    malcolm X

    Hell Yes!!


    Heck yeah boi. Bout to rout ur bucannears this year too. LIKE FALCONS FANS IF YOU AGREE

    markus greaves

    I’m not going to say destroy, but Atlanta should come out with the W.



    GhOsT PePpErS

    No. Do we have the potential to win a close one, you damn right we do. Now here’s my question for you. *How do you feel about your chances against the 49ers?*


Let’s get it on Sunday!!!!!!! #Riseup!


Let get this Superbowl ring for Matty ❄

    Mr Spizite

    I say they win 2x in a row


    @Mr Spiziteon god they have to with that powerful offense and killer defence

Cam's Video Journal

SKOLLLLLLLL VIKES BABY GET READY FOR THE PURPLE RAIN 💜💛💜💛💜 best of luck Falcons fans, praying for no injuries and an awesome game 🙏🏼

    BankRoll 89

    Likewise Big Dawg 🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴

    Cam's Video Journal

    BankRoll 89 May the best team win brother 😈

    Carlos tha Realest

    Inbrotherhood We rise baby🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫ Looking forward to a good game Minnesota has an awesome home-field advantage with that crowd That’s going to be tough all afternoon up there at U. S. Bank stadium, We’ll get the job done Falcons 24 Vikings 20

    Cam's Video Journal

    Carlos tha Realest i agree it’s gonna be damn tough for you guys in that stadium. Rhodes should be closed on Julio like usual, and we are tough at home (18-6 in mike zimmer era) we’ll see what happens. You guys have a fast defense, Pretty sure it’s gonna be a close game

    Carlos tha Realest

    @Cam’s Video Journal Good Luck to u guys wish for a clean injury free game and awesome opening to the NFL season!

Ronnie Williams

This first falcons game will tell us alot about our season. Personally I want to see what Dirk does with this offense. I hope they let him do his thang💪 and not Kyle’s playbook 💯

markus greaves

Interesting week 1 matchup both teams have something to prove. 2 very similar teams, expecting a close game. Atlanta wins by a Touchdown.

Nick bagnulo

Anxious and nervous

Whoz Gene

Rise up

Anthony West Jr

Win the Toss hand them a Loss! Rise Up for the SHIP! 🍻

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk


Jake Gunter

Ready for Saturday and Sunday let’s go Rebels and Falcons!!!!!

dwayne austin

The Vikings are gonna bring pressure from every direction and they have a good secondary, we know that but we if we can win the battles in the trenches, we can control the game and leave US Bank Stadium with a win. RISE UP FALCON NATION!


lot of high expectations, #riseup

Lotonuu Vaimasanuu

No more excuse.. riseUP

L Capitan

Yes RISE UP and all of that, but I need that shirt DQ got on💪🏿🔴⚫ Let’s get it one game at a time 🙌🏿



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