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Andrew Grove Reply

Fire kb
Start mason

Maddengod Oof69 Reply

Peep the shazier locker next to mark barrons

    jason black Reply

    he will be a lifetime steeler

    jason black Reply

    he’s a steeler 4 life

Frank Herrera Reply

You did not get better. You just played a team nowhere near as good as the Pats. On to Frisco and “well, there’s 13 games left”.

Joey Parm Reply

Lololol…a broken locker room. Talk about weak minded and ill prepared for anything and everything. smh!

Most High Michael Reply

Cam and Watt are good representatives of the Steelers. Bud and Edmunds are good representatives of the wasted first round draft picks in the Tomlin era. How many first round busts, terrible seasons from the secondary, mismanagement of superstars, circus like locker room antics, disrespect of the American flag and 8-8 ‘non losing’ seasons do we have to endure before you #FireTomlin? You are and have been hemorrhaging fans throughout the Tomlin experiment. You had a head coach coaching your o line. Gone. You had another head coach coaching your offense. Gone. You had a beloved Steeler coaching your OLBs. Gone. You had one of the greatest RBs and WRs of this era walk away and bad mouth the organization. Gone. Gone. You fired one of the greatest safeties in Steelers history over the phone, never to show up again until you #FireTomlin. The Chief would be ashamed of you. I am.

Linkz GP Reply

Fire Mike Tomlin the OC and Dc
Trade Terrell Edmunds
Cut Sean Davis and Moncrief

    Keaton Burson Reply


    PAT BACK Reply

    No one is going to take Edmunds. He has nothing to offer but free touchdowns and catches to recievers

    Keaton Burson Reply

    @PAT BACK he’s terrible

Brighton Barnes Reply

If it’s on y’all, y’all need to communicate more and stop busting coverages and also bud you need to win your 1 on 1 matchups since other d linemen are getting double teamed

    cocksucker McFaggot Reply

    Easier said than done .,. Just saying

    Brighton Barnes Reply

    cocksucker McFaggot true but there’s a saying if your going to fail fail together as a team not busting a coverage is number 1 rule on defense but if your talking about the 1 on 1 with Dupree your right but he still should be winning his matchups especially last week against patriots when they had a really bad LT playing

Greg Lockard Reply

Bud Dupree literally just summed it up perfectly. “Plays were out there to be made, but we didn’t make em. That’s on us players. It’s not on the scheme, not on coaches, but on us”.


    Thank you a fan with a brain!!! #steelersnation

Greg Lockard Reply

Man we gotta play better. Execute. Win our matchups, simple.

Jim Riebe Reply

Always talking about how they didn’t execute. What do you do all week to prepare for running QBs. 49er game will be the same ol excuses. We didn’t execute 🤔🤔😠🙄🙄

Malik ElcoSS454 Reply

@ least guys played better than Dolphins,Gaints,Bengals, Redskins & Panthers those teams are horrible right now there too are 0-2.

JOSE 74 Reply

Well at least we scored some points on the board we just need to get a win!!! Let’s go STEELERS!!!!

    Travis Stoudt Reply

    JOSE 74 keep dreaming as long as u still have Tomlin ur not winning ur 7th anytime soon

Dr2tan Reply

big Ben fat licks Burger should have retired when he threatened 4 years ago

Hoff Reply

Sounds like the same bullshit excuses as last year. I said it then and I’ll say it now, they don’t care. Look at them. Wearing their big chains and goin back to their fancy cars and mansions. They get big bucks to play a game. They don’t give a damn about winning or losing, they still get paid.

Henry McRae Reply

Update: Big Ben needs surgery out for the rest of the season
It’s masons time to shine 🌞⭐️☀️

Victory Asher Reply

Colin Kaepernick. He’s proven he could be better than most of the starting QB’s in the NFL, and definitely better than ALL the backup QB’s out there.

    STEELERS Pittsburgh Reply

    He was benched for poor play . Then quit on his team. How many years ago?? Don’t answer. I can’t see any reason to believe that he is better now. I just don’t get this narrative that anyone would sign him after he sued the NFL.

Larry GRIMES Reply


Travis Stoudt Reply

I luv seeing angry steelers players and angry steelers fans 🙂

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