Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks Week 16, 2016 FULL Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Julius Williams Reply

Thanks for replaying these games at this time

Peter Taylor Reply

Bill O’Brien thinks this is live

    spelling corrector Reply

    Peter Taylor lmao

    SkankHunt 42 Reply

    I don’t get it

    Raidersfan 420 Reply

    SkankHunt 42 David Johnson led the league in rushing in the 2016 season

    Omar Zaifulizan Reply


    Lil Chromosome Reply

    Peter Taylor loooool that’s good 😂

FunWithGTT Reply

I miss the FOX scoreboard am I the only one?

    Brian Steuerman Reply

    me too although the one they used in the SB was nice too

    FunWithGTT Reply

    Brian Steuerman see I wasn’t too big of a fan of that one. If they moved it to a corner I think it would be better but I don’t like the font that much and the cartoons for some players and some not

    mcfrickenwatcher Reply

    the new one is dope tho

    yung_nate 209 Reply

    I miss the 2013 scoreboard

    mcfrickenwatcher Reply

    @yung_nate 209 honestly it was the best

Isabella Pinto Reply

Thanks for posting these vids during this time. We really appreciate it.

imahustla50 Reply

David Johnson was that dude in 2016

Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Reply

Wrong Seahawks cardinals game
Should have done 6-6

    tallmunchkin868 Reply

    That game is fascinating.

Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Reply

Seahawks fail at the 1 once again

Seattle Seahawks Reply

We’ll pass on this one…

    j2323j Reply


    Bill Will U Reply


    Cael Maslin Reply

    Just like in Super Bowl 49 right?

    Bill Will U Reply


    Giant Dood Reply

    hi team with bandwagon fans

Brooks Daniel Reply

0:20 the broadcaster said Carson Palmer and the Seahawks but it should be “Carson Palmer and the Cardinals

burnt cheetoh69 Reply

That tyler lockett injury kills me

chris velasquez Reply

Awesome game. Now cards vs packers in playoffs in 08 and 2015 season.

A Fucking Bird Reply

This was game of the year! GoHawks 💙💚

Edit: After the game we tied on

Jose Cedillos Reply

Just upload the chiefs vs rams in LA that’s the only game I want to watch again

TheAireaidLord Reply

Oh damn I thought this was the 6-6 tie game where al michaels yelled “THATS IMPOSSIBLE!” lmao

    yung_nate 209 Reply

    Lol that was the Sunday night game

Biscuits And Gravy Reply

Looking at the score ticker and remembering that this was the same week that Hue Jackson got 1/3rd for his career wins with CLE made me chuckle.

yung_nate 209 Reply

We need 49ers vs Seahawks wk 10, 2019 season pls

Andrew Dang Reply

Cool game, I feel for Seattle fans, I’m an Arizona native, Cardinals look promising this season, I’ll look forward to super bowl 43 recap live even though NFL already posted years ago.

Shady Boy Reply

I miss when David Johnson was good:/ we got DHOP so I can’t complain


Who agrees the the NFL should do their thumbnails like the NBA.

The spread of covid-19 has to stop right now Reply

Good, now do Saints vs 49ers week 14 2019.

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