Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Baltimore will destroy Lil Kyler lol

    Kevrokk Kills Reply

    They’re gonna blitz every down. lol

Tyrone Savage Reply

Rip to Kyler

Drail Reply

Definitely starting the ravens D lol

Volka Deus Reply

“It was his first real NFL game in the NFL”

Hmm yes the floor here is made of floor…

    Dingo Reply

    Volka Deus Brand new water fish discovered that only lives in water…

    Jorge Naranjo Reply

    Every 60 seconds, in africa, a minute passes

    leinadcruz96 Reply

    Writing an essay like..

Peso Edison Reply

Its scary knowing that lamar did what he did, Hollywood did what he did, andrews did what he did, ingram did what he did, the defense did what they did, our oline did what they did.. and other teams STILL gotta worry about lamar taking off running.. lol good luck to the Cardinals and the rest of the ravens opponents this year😂

    Stay Woke Reply

    Peso Edison Mia didn’t had any D. Cards do tho

    kingbey fan Reply

    @Stay Woke I just heard they (ARI) are soft when i comes to DB’s… Every team D will be better than Miami’s. Let’s be real

    Lagstorm Reply

    Ravens look good but it was Miami.

    Julian Shipp Jr Reply


Mike Jay Reply

Ravens wins 31-17

Leo Dancor Reply

Ravens are easily the superior team

Megálopros Reply

the raven’s defense has a history of eating rookie QBs alive…i fear for arizona

    King Darius Reply

    Megálopros right !!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

I can’t wait to see if Jackson was a lucky week or he actually is the real deal.

    S CLASS Reply

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos If he scores plus 40 I say he is legit

    CR7 GOAT Reply

    S CLASS for sur

    Bsgrundle Reply

    @S CLASS even the experts arent calling for 40

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply

    The real deal when he play a top 5 defense

    Bsgrundle Reply

    @RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound when is a top 5 defense legit? week 6? week 10? He plays against a top 5 defense in practice every week, they just arent allowed to hit him. That secondary is the best in the league.

sean richardson Reply

Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray….who would have thought Ravens-Cardinals would actually be a game you’d WANT to watch….this one is going to be fun on so many levels..

    Sbbaja Hshshz Reply

    Really doubt that. I’m not expecting it to be a very fun Sunday for Cardinals fans

    D E P R E S S I O N Reply

    If you think the game is gonna be fun to watch IDK what to tell you.

Johnnyy Bravoo Reply

#RavensFlock for the win! Cardinals got no chance!

    Baseballboy_YT * Reply

    Johnnyy Bravoo fax

Matthew Miller Reply

Welcome back Sizzle. But Ravens keep that offense rolling, and Rookie Murray has a rough game on the road. #RavensFlock

wydjohnny Reply

Anyone else going to this game? Just got my tickets


I’m scared as hell about this game, we are the arizona cardinals. We lose 3-62 gg ravens onto next week

DarkGaming_C Reply

Ravens win

Ravens 31
Cards 10

sean dent Reply

The Cards will have to respect the speed of the new Ravens offense. Play off, quick dump offs to push downfield, man coverage, they will get burnt off the line, zone, we’ll just let Mark Ingram carry it. There are actual threats on the Ravens offense, and now the rest of the NFL are scrambling to prepare how to beat these guys. I see a winning season.

André Kerber Reply

This will be good for Cards as a team cuz Ravens will expose a lot of our weaknesses(which is basically everything atm) we gotta learn as much as we can from a strong team like Baltimore

CardinalSin21 Reply

Honest to god…if the Cardinals can keep it close and stay competitive I would be happy!

That dude Joe Reply

Rise up red sea! We got this.

RavensGunney Reply

Cardinals will try to expose Anthony Averett (CB) in coverage. Hope AA is up for the task.

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