Are Saints planting seeds for Michael Thomas trade? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Are Saints planting seeds for Michael Thomas trade? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Peter King discuss the issues surrounding Saints WR Michael Thomas and the possibility of the team trading him. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NewOrleansSaints
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Are Saints planting seeds for Michael Thomas trade? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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JasonTheWorldisYours Reply

Saints win big this weekend

Ravens Fan4 Reply

My ravens could use him

    Donnie S Reply

    We definitely could he would be a perfect target for lamar but we definitely don’t have the cap space for a 20+ million dollar a year wr especially after the Yannick trade

    Francisco Davis Reply

    @Donnie S i agree. Would love him but we can’t pay that yet especially with future contracts coming up. We usually get older vets anyway

    Jabarri Charles-Barnes Reply

    Didn’t think of this but he’s the perfect number 1 guy for Lamar

    deon harris Reply

    man the ravens want anybody im so dam sick of them my god

    Emil kali Reply

    He needs to play with a crappier team like the Cowboys or Giants 😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣

Darryl McGee Reply

I firmly believe that there is no way the Saints would trade Michael Thomas.

    deon harris Reply

    never say never if you a cancer you have to go mental heads have to go

    Jared Taylor Reply

    I wouldn’t after the way they’ve played without him. What equal or greater value could u possibly get for him

    Nick Bruno Reply

    deon harris then why did they just pay him a HUGE contract??

    Jared Taylor Reply

    @Nick Bruno this is based on a spat tht happened recently not a long term issue

    david alvarado Reply

    Nah they aint

Breezy Reply

As a Falcons fan I don’t believe they will trade him but as a Falcons fan I am pleading that they trade him. 💀

    syminite1 Reply

    Forget dat, we beat them clowns multiple times WITH Thomas. 😆 Ain’t nobody scared of that chump. Riseup!!

    Breezy Reply

    @syminite1 Yeah but it’s harder to do it with him. I’m sure they said the same about Julio since his rookie year. 😂

Dwayne Hogan Reply

So your going too get rid of thomas, and bring in antonio brown? Ok got it…lol

    Donnie S Reply

    Yea, hes obviously less of a headache rofl

    Ethan Armour Reply

    Man I’m starting to notice this channel where all the drama get stirred up.

    deon harris Reply

    antonio is not coming trust me he was already down there and they didnt sign him and antonio as we speak is in talks right now with seattle

Jason Graves Reply

Michael Thomas is a Sean Payton crearion

    Jason Graves Reply


    JSway 24 Reply

    If that’s the case then he shouldn’t be a #1 receiver

    Tanner Prohl Reply

    @JSway 24 I am a Saints fan and I think his numbers are inflated because Drew loves to throw it short the last few seasons. He is not even top 10 in any metric.

    JSway 24 Reply

    @Tanner Prohl no wonder MT gets so defensive when ppl say he overrated 🤣🤣

King OceanBlu Reply

Trade him to the Eagles, if they can fit him within the cap

    Emil kali Reply

    He’ll just get injured with the Eagles. You cannot be an Eagle unless you are willing to get injured and him willing to be out for the season being mandatory since Eagle starters are injured every year. They are worst in injuries then the 49ers. The Eagles manage to injure their entire starting lineup every year. Surprised Wentz made it this far 😹😹😹🤣🙀🤣😂😂😂

Connie B Reply


kushy beatz Reply

The pats

khizarumar Reply

Slow news day…🙄

    James O'Hehir Reply

    lmao ikr. sean payton literally said a few days ago that situation is resolved and that there is no more disciplinary actions for MT happening.

    Stephen Brady Reply

    @James O’Hehir aka he’s trading him.😂

James O'Hehir Reply

The media love to jump into some wild ideas..

Ethan Armour Reply

Why trade? Why he can’t just be injured? Y’all be making too many assumptions man.

    G_rizzly Reply

    ikr it’s dumb

Daniel Nwosu Reply

With a 30 mil dead cap hit if they do? You’re smarter than that florio

eric landry Reply

Sean Payton had issues with Brandon Cook and then traded him to the Patriots. The saints aren’t afraid to get rid of players they deem as being bad for the locker room.

    Pi'erre Valentino Reply

    Lol Thomas ain’t no Brandon Cook relax.

    Joseph Johnson Reply

    I hate when players get paid then act stupid!!! What happened to being humble

Amaziyah Israel Reply

The issue has been solved already!! Smh

Damoi Clarke Reply


RonJohn63 Reply

A week before this happened, I bought an MT13 jersey for my son. Very poor timing…

    Isaiah Pinal Reply

    You should’ve bought a kamara jersey instead for your son he is like the best rb rn

RonJohn63 Reply

4:02 Payton and Loomis know not to commit the Sunk Cost Fallacy.


Are we still talking about MT? It’s almost 3 weeks old WTH????

Tac Robinson Reply

His durability one of his best traits… not so good now.

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