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Antonio Brown’s 1st Catch as a Patriot!

Antonio Brown grabs his first reception on the Patriots. The New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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willkittwk Reply

Patriots know how to manage the unmanageable. Look what happened w Randy Moss. He broke all the receiving records his first year w them.

    G Squires Reply

    @Siegfried von Vegesack Cuz GS never won a ring before KD. 💁‍♂️

    Emmanuel Trejo Reply

    Josh Gordon??

    willkittwk Reply

    @slsriflecruman87 he doesn’t have a platform in New England. He’s around a bunch of rings and Brady and Bellichick. AB needs them more than they need him. And the money he got is beer and message parlor money to Mr Kraft! 😎 LOL

Jell Work Reply

That 17 look weird asf on him

    Anakin Flytalker Reply

    If that’s the biggest concern then oh well! Let’s go PATS

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Jasmine A on the pats ???? U idiot he was trying to make an comparison lil girl….

    MDB Reply

    @YEAH IGHT on the pats brown was never 84 though.

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @MDB never said he was !!!

America Reigns Reply

PTriots 56
Dolphin scrubs 6

    Loc T Reply

    America Reigns lmao 6 with 2 fgs or 6 with a pity td and missed extra point fg?

    Matthew Shortle Reply

    It’s Miami. Patriots always lose there.

    salamipitza Reply

    @Matthew Shortle
    lol everytime

iTzZTCxD - Random Games - Reply

Let’s give the little Brat baby the ball 🤭

219TY Reply

Seeing him wear 17 seems unreal😭

    Sway Dizzy Reply

    219TY fr I was looking at the thumbnail and was confused asf

    Hugh Edgar Reply

    Is 84 already taken?

    James Stewart Reply

    Yes Ben Watson has #84 this year

Andrew Smith Reply

Hate his off the field antics all you want but u can’t Denny that his a great player

    Andrew Smith Reply

    Goku Black my bad

    riny swanson Reply

    FyeHunnit nope

    riny swanson Reply

    FyeHunnit better has but Ab got the best route running and he faster

Farod Ford Reply

AB first touchdown as a Pat! Welcome to New England 13 – 0.

    hogsbreath 1992 Reply

    What a great addition to a great great team !!!

Jariel Corey Hunter-Rozier Reply

TB12 to AB17. Touchdown.

The endgame has started. Time to snap the league out of existence.

ray ray Reply

AB is like the plan is coming together

    Dan Lee Reply

    3 b’s alright beachess

Kxng Tsu Reply

Hopefully someone snaps AB legs in half

Miguel Cortina Reply

TB to AB who ever knew this will ever happen lol, let’s go Pat’s

ProteanGreninja Reply

Hopefully he’s smart and doesn’t ruin this opportunity.

Michael Toland Reply

Every route they run 95% of time is a pick play .

Bonita Hilary Reply

🔴 Live now here 👉 « »

Matt Veteska Reply

I think Brady is the best QB ever

Obed garcia Reply

Bill belichick on the sideline:
*Tell em to bring my money*


AB and Patriots let’s Go!!!!!!!! 43-0

Johnny Flores Reply

Dallas and New England in the SB and miami will be 0-17 loosing every game by an average of 50 points

TheCheeseMaker Reply

first time seeing ab wearing something that isn’t 84

Dj H Reply

Narcissistic, woman abusing M F ‘r

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