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Antonio Brown Facing Suspension!

Antonio Brown Facing Suspension!

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Why is he doing this to himself man, being in the NFL is a privilege.

    brock 34

    Because NFL players are gready and spoiled. They should not get that type of money in my opinion. Our soldiers and people that keep this country running like the farmers truck drivers factory workers and so on should get payed like they do. NFL players get payed big money for what playing a kids game and complain they don’t get payed enough.

    mario palacios

    No one is saying it but he might need help with his head ,sometimes when you get hit too many times on the head you start acting like that; look at players from before.

    Jerald Grant

    Yooooooooooo stop that right there… it was a privilege for his mom to pay whatever she had to pay just so her child could play….oh its a privilege for him to work hard all thru school…..blood sweat and tears thru summer after summer…negroe please… sound like those plantation owners!!!!!


    Jerald Grant No bro that is not what I’m saying. Antonio needs to realize he is a great spot in life right now he can’t be doing this bullshit. This job is a privilege because they can strip it from you so quick your head will spin, look at Kaepernick for an example. There’s other young guys hungry who want to be in the NFL and he’s over here taking it for granted.


Think Pitts laughing it’s a$$ off lolololol

    L3- -37

    @Nate King no that’s shifting the blame for your own problems. Pittsburgh didn’t discipline him enough but the Raiders have made him the biggest problem. Don’t stick up for the other guy simply to create a comment section war.

    Jason Wright

    @BeastMode 21 Give it up homie that’s a dumb argument. Lots of athletes make way more than him and dont act like animals. Learn what accountability means

    Mattd 5577

    Nate King I mean attaching a second round pick to one of the best players of the league. And getting around what they got for cooper is a bag of chips


Antonio Brown back again with the highest form of CTE


    ClownLLUMINATI nice profile pic

    Sircarlos 7

    Never been the same since he was put to sleep by Burfict


    @Sircarlos 7 he’s been like this since before he even came in to the NFL, read his wikipedia page.


    Your profile pic is what ab is

    Chase Balazs

    ClownLLUMINATI let’s hope so

J Rollins

Anyone surprised? No? me neither

    Muhammad Barokah

    I can imagine T.O. and Rodman looking the news with Pikachu face

    Kenneth Lloyd

    @Muhammad Barokah Team Antonio Brown



Khayere Patterson

Hard knocks would have been fire 😂😂

    Christopher Law

    Is the season done for it? Damn I’m still on episode 2

    Raj Deliwala

    @Christopher Law yeah it’s done 5 episodes

    Brandon Tilley

    Was thinking the exact same thing!

Ramiro Ledesma

It’s why you never draft drama players in fantasy. 🤦🏻‍♂️ SMH

    Jay New

    Ramiro Ledesma I feel your pain😞😞😔😔😣😣

    Chris Styles

    Learned my lesson with leveon last year.

    Datpiff Dotcom

    It’s okay guys he will be good to go for postseason fantasy


    Datpiff Dotcom will he tho? 🤔

    perfect stranger

    @Datpiff Dotcom …if u even make the ff play off postseason. if u invested in ab, ur team already suspect & u as a drafting coach lol jk ❤ me some ab # s


I’m into fkn nightmares- John “Frostbite” Gruden

Dubble OweSeven

He’s digging that hole deeper and deeper.

Tommy Davis

Uncle Shay and Ryan Clark been right all along

Devin Chandler

pittsburg is dying of laughter right now haha

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    I used to like ab until this. Now I know why everyone hates him. Probably hated more than tom brady

    Roger Blewett

    Pittsburgh will still suck Sooo 🤷

    Brady Anderson

    Roger Blewett what are u talking about? They have a qb that passed for 5000 yards last season, a top 10 receiver in Juju, and a top 10 rb in James Conner lmao.


    We are. We really are. It’s all we’re talking about.

This bitch loud in every movie

How To Lose 30 Million Guaranteed- Staring Antonio Brown

    J K

    Your username tho 😂😭😭😭😭

    friendly Jew

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😂🤣😂🤣😁🤣

    Henry Hudson

    @Round Robin sry i meant jimmy butler

VY MaJoris

Raiders should’ve known what comes with bringing home an Instagram model…

    Wow Pow


    kwilson Eyes

    Hold this W

    Optical v

    Big W


    but isn’t he too ugly to be an Instagram model?


And people thought the Steelers were the issue

    JB Kuz

    @Sue Martino how is Pitt crying for someone who can take his place the following years 2 come🙊

    Chase Balazs

    Alex no. Nobody who actually knew what was happening actually thought that. Everyone knows AB is a cancer


    @JB Kuz juju and Washington already have lmao

livingdeadgirl46 46

All the Raiders did was take on what was the Steelers problem

    livingdeadgirl46 46

    @xxKing Casperxx Yes much so


    @Carlos Lopez At least he’s old and fat. He’ll be gone soon. He ain’t Brady. Won’t play past his current 2 year contract. Weird thing to wish for as a steelers fan, but it’s time start fresh.

    bongo fury

    True. He is approaching the Kaepernick neighborhood of employment though.

    Myron Woodson

    Meteor Smash , LeVeon Bell didn’t cause any drama with the Steelers. He felt he was worth more than what the Steelers though he was worth, and when they couldn’t come to a agreement ( dollars wise) with a new contract, LeVeon decided to sit for the year, and wait to become a free agent. It was the Steelers organization & players who made it more than what it really was.

Stroke The Forge

Why am I not surprised….. AB been acting like a real clown. His ego broke him on the Steelers and will most likely be the reason his career ends.

    idk about that

    His attitude is worse than Terrell Owens

Tristan Wright

Skips practices and gets fined for knowingly doing so

Ab: they haters

    Achilles 1776

    @#TEAM TRUMP and your next statement is going to ” I’m not a racist”. Right? People like you suck.


    They are haters

Hugo González

As a Steelers fan, I’m really proud of my team to get rid off this clow

    Bernard Johnson

    Im kinda glad he gone too, his selfishness can ruin the entire team’s momentum

    ray woodson

    Im also a Steelers fan he’s a great player but he’s also cancerous to any franchise. He’s ego is ridiculous and completely out of control and players like him Careers tend not to last long because nobody wants to deal with them

    Bernard Johnson

    @ray woodson Dez Bryant is another huge example


    Y’all will be just fine with JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Washington is gonna emerge, this year.

Cubbies 32

Imagine getting paid 30M to play football and still complaining


    Spoiled brats


    @SayDat Quan He’s a narcissist with self destructive tendencies. The treatment for that is to fire his a$$ and recoup as much money as they can.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    He needs to afford more hot air balloons


Dude’s about to ruin his whole career because of his ego. smh.


    jason mathers wtf are you talking about. It is a surprise, when someone getting to play the sport the love and is getting paid multi millions of dollars to do so, acts like a pre Madonna and moans all the time. He should be grateful. You are broke compared to him lol. Your point is dumb.

    Playa Fly Fan

    @jason mathers Not mad, it’s sad actually.

    Chase Balazs

    Biznus let’s hope he does

    Roland Edwards


Piyush Jain

It’s the guys like AB who makes me respect guys like Larry Fitzgerald so much!!


    Yes because you ever heard this coming of him and he’s third in yards all time. This guy seriously needs a attitude adjustment


    Julio Jones as well

    Muk spell that backwards That's what I just did

    @Phoneybeetlemaniacxs he is 2nd in all time yards Terrell Owen’s is 3rd


    Ned Mononymous Julio Jones also


    Muk spell that backwards Thought fitz got third last season. Still stands ab has the talent to be a record holder but he keeps getting in his own way

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