Anthony Lynn on His Team’s Resiliency, “We’ve got a lot of football left” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Miguel Perez Reply

Bolts wya

Shortyshrew Reply

Went to the game yesterday. $60 for the cheapest parking, $18 beers and $18 nachos. Also had to kick people out of our family’s seats twice. I will never go back. The Spanos family is greedy and doesn’t care about their fans. Must be why the stadium was packed with Broncos fans??

    AlexRedz125 Reply

    Shortyshrew you can park free at the Chargers Express

    Bolt_Kyng Reply

    Actually thought about going to the Chargers@Titans game, but I think I’ll just pass.

    Ernesto Gastelum Reply

    reasons why they arent that many Chargers fans on games

Bolt_Kyng Reply

We got a lot of football left yes that’s true but keep taking loses like this the rest of football won’t matter.

Bolt_Kyng Reply

Defense stepped up plenty times, but the offense wouldn’t show for it, 2-3 3 and outs forced and nothing showed for it

CrimsonSoldier Reply

Rivers is not the most mobile QB. O-line we need lil more time please. Mr Gordon..time to shine buddy. Ecklers hold on to the dang football. Im still riding with the bolts. But i need to see some cats step up

    R&B Music Reply

    Jeremy B especially at Safety and offensive Tackle. Those two positions single handedly are costing us games.

    AlexRedz125 Reply

    R&B Music 100% agree

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    @R&B Music our best 3 safeties and our best ot got injured…

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    @R&B Music Adderley is injured, I was including him in best three with Adrian and Derwin. I agree with you about the offensive line — it’s been terrible for years, but I’m pretty sure the LT is a rookie, and I think it’s only Tevi’s second year in the league. Sure they suck, but I don’t think you can really blame them

Manny Mota Reply

Coaches and players should be embarrassed. They whole team stunk up the field!

    matthew foster Reply

    Manny Mota Agree.

Iiii iiiI Reply

coach lynn bicep choked each of the players after that embarrassing loss

Jeremy B Reply

As a charger fan I am really questioning myself ..
I’ve been supporting this team for over 40 years with ZERO super bowl wins ..
I believe Ben , Manning. And Brady will pass the torch to guys like Mahomes , Watson and Jackson .
I will die of old age backing this team with no validation ever ..
It’s really a hard thing to come to terms with .
And when my city of San Diego lost the team , it was even harder .
Sad to see this team get cheered out of home games by 70-80 % of visiting fans ..
I just wish these guys could have won just once for my dad , grandpa and uncles before they died …
now for me it’s the same story with just more years invested ..

    Rivers 619 Reply

    Know how it feels man. Born and raised in San Diego and been a fan for my whole life pretty much. I was only 1 when they went the super bowl 29 but my dad and brother tell me it was even heart breaks back then.

    Jeremy B Reply

    Rivers 619
    We’ve had soooooo much talent-
    Gates , Winslow , Fouts , Seau , Tomlinson , Joiner , Rivers —-
    Seems like something always seems to stop us .
    I don’t hate Brady , Manning , Ben , Mahomes , none of those guys , I just would like just one Lombardi trophy before I die ..
    Just one would validate a whole lifetime as a fan

    Rivers 619 Reply

    @Jeremy B yeah I know. Like that 14-2 season or even last season. Like something always has to happen. And it doesn’t help when half of our star players are injured for weeks.

    Itsreload Reply

    @Rivers 619 I feel is our OC is the weakness. Even last year we struggled to score 3 TDs with offense. This is our 4 year with him? He left , failed as a head coach, and came back to us. We had big help with our D last year. But our D is not the same this year. I have no confidence in Wiz creating schemes for us to score.

    DB Balbas Reply

    They need to be fired up every game..
    They lost to a 0-4 broncos team in a divisional game. If you can’t get fired up for that…idk.
    We also lost to a Cleveland browns team that haven’t won in 2 years.

thunderbolts 24 Reply

Hello!!!! Rivers needs a TE he can’t function without a TE! How bout put Watt in the game more? He can catch passes.

    Itsreload Reply

    Rivers needs an offensive coordinator that schemes better. Knowing your QB is getting hit and still calling these long developing plays is ridiculous.

ExtremeCloseUp241 Reply

I said this after the Lions loss that the Chargers are in trouble and these losses are going to hurt them in terms of the playoffs. Can’t lose a game at home to a win that was winless.

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    We can lose the home games if we win the road games… It’s what we did last year

Vinicius Fonseca Reply

This is the way I see it:
The Chargers have CMMI Capability Level 0 -> Incomplete approach to meeting the intent of the Practice Area.
May or may not be meeting the intent of any practice. Inconsistent performance -> Depends on heroes to win a game.
The Patriots have achieved CMMI Capability Level 1 -> Initial approach to meeting the intent of the Practice Area.
Not a complete set of practices to meeting the full intent of the Practice Area. Addresses performance issues. -> Doesn’t always win, but can reproduce wins consistently across multiple games.

Robb Carter Reply

We just dont have the same hype same fire dam i miss Derwin on Defense

Brandy Urias Reply

My chargers have played every game well enough to win It. But we still need another good draft and this failure will make them spend some money in free agency, in 2020 they will be much better

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    If rivers sticks around in 2020 we will be better… Once he retires we will be in complete rebuild mode

Bryce Andersen Reply

So many check down routes
Need to mix it up
We’re too predictable

matthew foster Reply

Not if you keep giving the ball to Eckler in the red zone.

matthew foster Reply

Play calling always looks the same. The really good teams figure it out.

matthew foster Reply

How many more TD’S will Eckler mess up?

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    Eckeler has been one of the strongest forces on offense this year… He’s not a God, he can only do so much… He’s not even supposed to be getting this much play time… He’s definitely been stepping up

James Johnson Reply

“Hell, I called it. So I guess I was okay with it.” I’ve got so much time and respect for Coach Lynn.

Carlos Bermudez Reply

I’ve been a fan for 17 years now. Basically since rivers was drafted and the fact remains that he has no signature win. I love Rivers and he battled for us for years but time after time i realized he chokes in the biggest moments. He panicks when hes not even pressured. Do we have more issues to addresa? absolutely, however the QB position ahould be getting teams the furthest and until we admit as chargers fans that it’s time we start fresh and draft a young QB for the future this team will continue to stay the same. The overhyped offseason superbowl contender lol. I miss Derwin James. Boltup Baby

Ryan Duffy Reply

No way we’re going to win the division, but we can still win the wild card

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