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Anthony Castonzo On Decision To Retire, Career With Colts

Anthony Castonzo spoke with the media about his decision to retire from the NFL after playing 10 seasons in Indianapolis and what all he will remember about his career with the Colts.

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FittyWrap! Reply

Legend man✊🏽🐐😔

Allen williams Reply

dang it’s sad to see him leave he was an important piece to our offense but congrats on a great career man hope you enjoy yourself good luck on the long haul buddy

Q D Reply

He really had a spectacular career full of consistency. Will be missed for sure.

chad thompson Reply

What a freaking stud man. So under appreciated throughout the last decade.

Christopher Pooler Reply

Best LT in the league!

nelsonmrqz10 Reply

Gonna miss you 74

Joshua Lewis Reply

We are going to miss you AC.

Zolvez Reply

Colts ring of honor member, Anthony Castonzo

JDW SportsTalkshow Reply

Wish you luck Castanzo

Felix Francis Reply

Thanks for everything Castonzo! You were definitely one of the best offensive tackles and also really underrated! Enjoy our retirement!

Greg C. Reply

Congrats AC!

Ian Thurlow Reply

knew he was a legend from his hair all along. I think that TD he had might be my favorite moment of him.

Dave Vogelar Reply

I’ve been a Colts fan all my life I’m 70 years old good luck to him he was a great left tackle he will be sorely missed Colts Nation

JDW SportsTalkshow Reply

Like If y’all want a Castanzo podcats

pmo 710 Reply

Thank you sir #ForTheShoe

Dr. Bryce Banner Reply

We’ll get u and Rivers a SB in 2021!!

NateNate Honey Reply

🐎💪🔥💯COLTS ! BABY! Thank you for everything

Hauko Reply

Best if luck with everything. You will be missed.

Eric Guerra Reply

Great career. I just hope that the colts do a good job of filling his role. Ideally they’d use a second or perhaps a third round pick on a lineman but something tells me they’ll sign an average vet in free agency and wait until the later rounds to take a tackle unfortunately.

Steve McMullen Reply

Sorry to see you go AC, but Congratulations just the same!!

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