Anthony Brown: Always Room For Improvement | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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dragon joe Reply

Actually he’s the “week link” on defense, at this point.

    Ryan S Reply

    dragon joe d line is the weak link actually

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

    @Ryan S Very true, our inability to stop the run is why we were sent home vs the Rams.

    Joshua Bryant Reply

    @Ryan S I dont know whose worse him or heath. At least heath making plays. If we are to get exposed it’s going to be him covering someone watch

Nick Ghur Reply

He sucks

    Ryan S Reply

    He has beaten out j Lewis up to this point… doesn’t suck so bad bud

    Joshua Bryant Reply

    @Ryan S no he sucks

    Reserved Reply

    @Dave Brown I’ll take him over marshon lattimore, but yea he needs improvement

    Daniel Rodriguez Reply

    U sck

    Omar Ramirez Reply

    I mean look at where he’s at and look at you. Commenting on him, good try.. but maybe next time

Henry Hill Reply

He was a 6th or 7th round pick for a reason. Amazing he still starts .

    Reserved Reply

    Jourdan Lewis needs to start

    Dividend Income Reply

    So the retards in the room are suggesting that Tom Brady (6th round pick) needs to sit down?

    It’s amazing to see how stupid some people are, for reals

    Dividend Income Reply

    Actually I’ll keep it Coach specific… When was Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner drafted? Since draft position is the ultimate gauge of a starting player, you should know that the LOB was full of late picks but you seem to know something the rest of the world doesn’t know 🙄 da fuk outta here

    Henry Hill Reply

    @Dividend Income That is all true . But Anthony Brown is not them . His best days are behind him .

Raheem Fluker Reply

Keep working

Skeptical Fan Reply

He needs a lot of improvement.

    Joshua Bryant Reply

    Talking about always room for improvement bro… the whole room need improvement ROFL

Roy Ayers 3%er Reply

Thats anthony brown damn i thought it was d marble #researchflatearth

    Flat earth New Jerusalem foundation Reply

    Roy Ayers 3%er long live flat earth

Hunedpcl7 Reply

I dread seeing this man on the field. Always exposed.

Daniel Rodriguez Reply

Idk on Madden I put brown or Jones as captain

metalmaniac 101 Reply

Yeah you need to learn how to tackle. Jourdan Lewis is way better than Brown.

Louis Alvarez Reply

Start Jourdan Lewis!!!

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