Andy Reid on Super Bowl LIV Win, “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Joseph Guevara

Andy Reid is so down to earth, humble, and knows how to make a couple of jokes. Love you Andy Reid💯


    Yeah, he seems pretty chill…

    Brandon Ohara

    @Vera Wallace ya same. So happy he finally got one💯😎

    Brandon Ohara

    @XJayLoomX nice logo/ profile pic

    shawn bopko

    @d s lol

connor miller

So happy for Andy Reid. Nobody deserves this more than him. Overcame so much. Congrats Chiefs.

    Rafael Candido

    Despite being a chargers fan (im a rare species i know) i still am happy for reid, but im sorry that he is in a division rival.

    Devon Wilson

    Especially after Reid lost his son there’s nothing worse then that.


    Forever chiefs

    Nhia Thao

    Reid deserve this win. He coaches the some of the best QB’s and best head coaches around the league. Congratz Reid. Finally the man can relax now winning as head coach.


    Watch edps445s video

James Melia

*Madden curse exists*

Mahomes: Hold my ketchup for my steak

    Ablestar Official

    Mahomes and that hick from waiting.

    Mary Vasquez

    @George Clayton wow, SNL’s Debbie Downer does exist

    Justin Hall

    Hahaha!!! Yes!!!! #Chiefskingdom #MVPPat #Superbowlchampions #BigRed

    Cole Seymour

    George Clayton the curse is fake it has been

Hugo Albert

That 1 Dislike is Richard Sherman


    Holy crap that made me laugh so hard I skipped the gym today.

    aaron berhane

    Hugo Albert I’ve been telling everyone Revis was right about Sherman but no one wanted to listen to me

Unknown Black male

Tonight was a massive turn up in my city!!! power and light was packed and nobody got killed so yessssss

    Kevin Anderson

    Any flipped cars because whenever I see news about a Championship win it always happens lol


    @Kevin Anderson no but i think cars were blew up from what I was hearing😂

    bagboy condo

    j and j fitness going hard killa city ? Lmaooo



    Andrew Grotheer

    See y’all Wednesday?! Pumped for this parade!

Mr_Seasons Gaming

7:07 for cheeseburger moment.


    Thanks. That is what i wanted to hear.

    Afro football skills


    Mike Walker

    Thank you!


    mvp right here


Mahome’s Mom looks younger than his girlfriend

    Tony Soprano

    It’s only game… why do you have to be mad?

    Cortez Armstrong

    @lowcountryantiques TYPICAL WHAT BKITCH?

    Cortez Armstrong



    @Cortez Armstrong LOL You’re Stupid… Bless You’re Poor Parents.


    Cortez Armstrong lol 49ers fan

Norman VanScoy

Wish I had a cheeseburger

    Derek the Top Wop

    Go get you one

    big bad 805er

    I heard about this and went and got a bacon cheese burger it tasted a million times better thinking about Reid go do it trust me

    max i

    it’s ok 🥺 go get ur cheeseburger

    aaron berhane

    Norman VanScoy Go to five guys

Optic Stainless

Man Jackson Mahomes doesn’t even care


    @Abner Ochoa he’s what?


    He cares more about chewing like a cow and his Tik Tok


    Michael Gardner oh. Haha


So young and already a superbowl and mvp 😎

    Cesar Canete

    @DM G3 That’s freaking scary if this is his prime. He’s only been the league 3 years & already he’s in his prime. Most people don’t reach their prime when they hit their mid – late 20s/early – mid 30s. Mahomes is only 23 years old & already in his prime. That’s scary.


    Phantom KnightYT no ones salty, the dude starts in the league with everything given to him, he’s only good for that reason. He has the recievers, running back and o line. Any quarterback would be successful if they were given what Mahomes has.

    patrick mahomes Is the goat

    NICHOLAS DZIEDZIC then why was Alex smith not as good as him.mahomes is incredible and idc what you say he’s the best no doubt and it’s all skill


    patrick mahomes Is the goat because he has a better line giving him less pressure and letting those far passes to tyreek hill and the other fast dudes get open. If Tom Brady had what Mahomes had he would have 10 sb rings. The fact that Mahomes lost last year to the pats at home, with all those weapons is pathetic. Cause Brady had no one but gronk to work with that was special. Brady will always be better than Mahomes, and Mahomes won’t have the dynasty that the patriots had, lol stfu. U probs became a chief fan this year, U probs didn’t like the chiefs cause of Alex smith and then bandwagons them after Mahomes

Daniel Shaffer

“Lamar Jackson just won the unanimous MVP a day ago” this kid is a class act from a Redskins fan… good times to be a Chiefs fan.

    Camille El-Baba

    Daniel Shaffer lmfao

    Daniel Shaffer

    @Camille El-Baba what?

    Tyler Larsen

    Patrick Mahomes has such a humble and warm personality. He’s never condescending, and he always praises his teammates and opponents whenever he gets the chance to. Absolutely a class act. We are witnessing a changing of the guard from the previous generation of elite quarterbacks (Brady, the Manning brothers, Big Ben, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, etc.) to the next, and Mahomes will bear the torch of the new generation. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have that responsibility.

Tamari Hargrove

As a eagles fan I’m glad Andy won this one


    Same here!

    Liam Barry


    Prentis PHL

    Same here bro. All the Eagles fan I talked to including myself was glad Andy Finally got the big W


    Tamari Hargrove watch edp445s video


    Tea party fan here and I’m also proud of Andy Reid

Matthew Ison

“I don’t have to be the face of the league I just wanna be the best I can be every day and be a good person”🙏
Pat is humble and Andy Reid has earned this trophy!! I told everyone he’s a special coach; I told everyone Patty would win a Super Bowl and now it finally happened!❤️

    Jay Knight

    A friend of mind finds patty obnoxious and full of himself to a degree.. mainly because of the similar feelings towards Tom Brady and how much he gets away with things thru out his career and patty is copying (at first mimicking) Brady infield antics and expressions. I said.. who else are you suppose to copy as a young buck until you find your true self your own image? Patty says all the right things and performs it according to what we see so far.. and yet these type of people who truly never ruffled and feathers until they reach the mountain top and are scrutinized for everything they do.. and for good reasons Tom Brady & Aaron Rogers are getting hosed down whenever possible.

    And despite all of that.. Coach Reid has been respected and loved for his hard work and attempts trying to win the big one. That has finally been attained. I hope he learned along the way that he can keep winning.. and if so would be truly another variable to see the near end for The Patriots dynasty because of teams coming up.

    Bill Belzek

    Mahomes is WAYY more classy than Crybaby Brady — I never seen Mahomes throwing temper tantrums at his coaches on the sidelines when things arent going well

    Ben Skywalker

    Don’t worry he won’t. Not until Brady retires

    Matthew Ison

    Joel Landis Agreed! That’s what I was referring too! Andy has been a genius for a while and I was TIRED of hearing people saying well where is the chip? 2020!!!!!! I’m gonna go get my cheeseburger 😂

    Joel Landis

    @Matthew Ison I gotcha. You just said “I told everyone Patty would win a Super Bowl”, not Andy Reid. But i gotcha now, all good.


Mahomes broke the madden curse lol

    PHat Pat

    Na he didnt break the curse . it jus hit him early in the season when he sprained his knee.

    justice turner

    Larry fitz broke it you idiots


    Its where if a player gets on the cover he will have a downfall

44wetwater 44wetwater

Mahomes has so much class and poise for someone so young , he is definitely a true gentleman , his parents raised him right no doubt.

Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness

Andy Reid: “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen.”
Me: Mood

    Bruce Wayne

    Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness same here 🍔

Austin Benson

Andy: “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen.”

*I would like to know your location*

    fernando figueroa

    Someone give Andy Reid a beer…
    he deserves it

    Eddie Rabelo

    Depends on where he live out here in LA I would get the Fatburger

Declyn Elijah

49ers: Up 10

Patrick: We got em right where we want em

Lmaooo Scrub

How many comeback games you gonna have this post-season?
Patrick Mahomes: yes.

    Zalu Skowsky


    Bill Belzek

    LOL they should re-brand the Chiefs as the Kardiac Kids

    Daniel Coronado

    Just stop



    Jut Nie

    I think his name is pronounced “partick holmes”

fernando figueroa

49ers:”We are up by 10.Victory is ours”.
Titans:”You haven’t learned anything do ya?”.

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